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10 December 2008

Your Financial Future Can Be in the Black!!

Fortune spoke 8 of the sharpest financial minds and they say the future is grim. My hope is that the only debt you have is student loans and using the money wisely.

If you have credit card debt - please get a plan to pay it off. The first step is to stop using the card. Get on a cash only system. I actually heard about people that put their credit cards in a zip lock baggie filled it with water and put it in the freezer. The ultimate credit freeze!

If you can pick up a few extra hours at work. ask for cash for the holiday, what have you purchased recently can it be returned - did you really need it? The book Million bucks by 30 Alan Corey talks about some extreme ways he saved money. Add a roommate for rent and to split the utilities, play games at home vs going out to a movie, well he didn't buy or do much - however, he did reach his goal and this set him up for options. Mental and Financial freedom by exercising discipline for a few years. Zen Habits -The 12 step Get out of Debt Program provides a guide to get started.

If you make good financial choices now - your future will be much more secure. Learn from the mistakes of others and unfortunately they are everywhere. Drive down any street and see all the houses in foreclosure, business closings, look at the headlines - banks in distress, automakers need a bailout - the government is trillions of dollars in debt. Don't make these mistakes - live within your means - actually under them and save for your future. Save for things you really want so when you can actually pay for it - it is exciting.

Your financial life will never be simpler than as a college student. If you create good habits now and priorities - you can avoid the pitfalls of debt, stress and over indulgence.

Grab a pad of paper and write down every time you spend money - you will be amazed at the hundreds of dollars that slip through your fingers without a thought. Being aware is the first step to making a change.

Stay tuned............

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