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11 December 2008

What Idea Do You Have?

I just read a great article on Inc. Com - The Entrepreneurial Generation The Gen Y Spin on Start ups.

The article talks about creative solutions to some age old issues. This generation is looking at existing products and services and revamping them to a much more user friendly format. Without all the baggage of a corporation they think through what services they are really want. A great example is Aaron Patzer found Quicken and Microsoft Money boring and not meeting his financial needs. He found them to be tedious and complicated to set up - then after all that still did not track his spending accurately. So he designed a product that tracks his money accurately, tells him when his bank account is low, when his credit card is due to name a few of the features.

The article lists other very inventive ideas - read through it and think about your life. What things do you and your friends complain about - can you improve, simplify or redesign the concept?? There are many frustrated consumers looking for the next big idea....

Stay tuned.......

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