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28 December 2008

2009 Year of Awareness

Well, it is that time of the year - winding down from the holidays, reviewing the past year - and planning for the new year. Are you happy with your life, health, job, relationships, growth, education, finances - and if not what are you going to do about it in 2009?

If you segment your life you will have a harder time achieving your goals. That is why diets rarely work - people are focused on a number verses their overall health and taking care of their body. It is always easier if you look at all areas of your life as a whole. How does this work with money?? We look at money as an instant way to get what we think we want. We are very impulse driven from the marketing we are surrounded by - and it has not been our culture to discuss planning and discipline.

When setting up a budget - it is not just about the money - think about lifestyle, what do you enjoy doing, short term savings, mid term and retirement- so when you are about to have an impulse buy - you can stop and see how it will affect your total picture.

By not following my plan - this purchase may affect my health - I will have additional stress down the road by not having the money I will need for ........, or bill collectors will be calling........., I will have to work additional years to have enough money to retire........., the $50 dollars I am spending today would be worth $5000 dollars in retirement...... etc. This is what the marketers are fearing - that you will take control of your mind and live a balanced life.

What is the main reason people do things they don't want to do?

The Law of Dissonance states that people will naturally act in a manner that is consistent with their 'cognitions,' meaning their beliefs, attitudes, and values," says Mortensen. "When people behave in a manner that is inconsistent with these cognitions, they find themselves in a state of discomfort, or dissonance."In other words, they feel awkward, uncomfortable, unsettled, disturbed, upset, nervous, or confused. "We will do everything possible to get rid of that tension, even if it means doing something we don't want to do," Mortensen says. An example: If you've ever contributed to a cause you didn't really care about because someone made you feel stingy, heartless, or both about not giving, you've experienced the Law of Dissonance in action. Likewise, if you've ever backed a boss's or coworker's half-baked proposal because he or she made you feel guilty (disloyal, uncooperative, stubborn) if you didn't - there's the Law of Dissonance again.

When making a buying decision, what percent takes place in a person's subconscious mind?
"Ninety-five percent of persuasion and influence involves a subconscious trigger. Thoughts like 'It just feels right,' 'I trust this person,' or 'I don't like this person' are all based on subconscious emotional reactions," says Mortensen. "Great persuaders know and understand the power of subconscious triggers."

2009 will be the year of awareness. Everything is connected - work on a life plan vs a To Do list. Come from a positive perspective and not what you did poorly last year. I believe you will be surprised at how much easier it is to accomplish your goals when you come from this perspective vs a laundry list of unrelated issues.

Stay tuned........

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