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14 December 2008

Financial - Plugging the Leaks....

Many college students and recent graduates are renting homes and most of the homes are older, not well insulated and are costing you extra money. I was just talking with a a recent graduate who is renting a home in the suburbs with three other young professionals. Things were going very smoothly until their first gas bill arrived. It was much higher than expected - so we started talking about ways to reduce costs. I found a great article on consumer reports with tips for cutting energy costs.

The energy leaks are very apparent to us when we receive a bill but do you realize money is leaking from your wallet everyday. Not using coupons when shopping, not looking for sales on products you use regularly, gas prices varying from corner to corner, cell phone packages using more or less minutes, paying interest on credit cards, and fees on checking/savings accounts to name a few. Yahoo Fiance listed six sites for managing your money. There are many tools available the trick is to find the one that fits your style and stick with it.
I also love the web page - it is a free subscription and you can watch TV shows and movies. Another cost saving idea and you don't have to leave home to pick it up.

Stay tuned.......

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