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21 December 2008

Holiday Travel and Thoughts.........

As many of you know I have been spending most of time in Cleveland with family members due to a tragic loss of my cousin's husband and son. Talk about a wake up call to live your life and appreciate people everyday! In a split second your entire life can change.

So while traveling home this weekend I was delayed in the airport for an additional 5 hours. While waiting for my plane to arrive I visited with many people as they waited as well.
It was very interesting that not one person talked about gifts, what they wanted or how much they had. All the conversations revolved around family, memories, being together and wanting to arrive safely.

One grandmother talked about her three grandchildren sleeping in the same room with her when she visited. Two in sleeping bags on the floor and one in the bed with her - she couldn't wait to get to her daughters house for a giant hug.

A solider returning from boot camp couldn't wait to sleep in his own bed and be with family. He was disappointed he wouldn't see his father but thrilled to see his mom.

A guy had been trying to get to Philadelphia for 2 days and was excited when his plane arrived - he was going to see his brother for the holiday.

One girl was heading home from college - she couldn't wait to get home for her mom's home cooking and play games with her family.

Story after story - all people wanted was to go home, feel safe, be with people they loved and cherish the feeling of the holidays. The gifts will be nice but I guarantee you if I run into them in an airport next year - it is not what we will be talking about!

Stay tuned.......

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