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29 May 2009

New York City on a Dime

A spontaneous moment landed me in NYC for a Book Expo this week. I found so many exciting opportunities that were either free or very low cost while embracing the wonderful energy of the city!

First upon arrival in
Laguardia International Airport we took the M60 bus to the subway right into Manhattan - total cost $2.00 per person! The time it took was no different than a cab and possibly shorter if traffic is bad.

Hotel Deauville was an amazing little brownstone in the East Village. It was $99 a night with a private bathroom. It has a very European feel - reminded me alot of Amsterdam. The front desk staff was fabulous, it was very safe and felt more big city than a chain hotel. The rooms were modest, clean, flat screen TV and great access to all the cool little areas - SOHO, Chinatown, Little Italy. Great location to subway. I will definitely be staying there in the future.

You can easily spend a day walking thru all the different little areas of culture. East Village, SOHO, Little Italy, Chinatown, Tribeca, Little Korea, Greenwich, Chelsea etc. They all are unique windows into culture, great deals, galleries, food, and rich in experiences.

Free Concerts all summer - Central Park -

River to River NYC -

Hudson River Park -

Time Square was so cool. As of Memorial Day they have opened an area like a Piazza in Europe where you you sit, stroll and enjoy the area. We sat in lawn chairs (provided by city of New York) for hours watching the people, sights and just being in the moment at such an inspiring place.

Ellen's Stardust Diner - up and coming Broadway stars serve you food while entertaining you. Amazing talent, a little pricey but go in and split a meal or get coffee and dessert - you will have so much fun and way cheaper than an actual show if your budget is tight!

Donut Plant - Worth going to check out! They have homemade donuts using their homemade jelly. Cake and yeast are both amazing. My favorite donut- yeast glazed raspberry.

oodburger - lives up to it's name. Bring back memories of Keenan and Kel - "Welcome to good burger, home of the good burger, can I take your orrrrder?"

Vendor carts all over the city with very inexpensive yet yummy - bagels, hot dogs, giant pretzels, chestnuts, and drinks. Save time and money by keeping nourished while venturing thru all areas of NYC.

JetAmerica - Coming in July for specific cities - $9 flights into Newark New Jersey - great location for flying into for NYC.

You can live your dreams, passions and adventures - it just takes a little planning, choices and commitment but there is no reason you can not travel the world while saving for your future and living within your financial means - and have the best time of your life while doing both!
Pictures to follow

Stay tuned..........

26 May 2009

Tuesday's Tips

This weeks tips were inspired by a person I saw at the grocery store last week...

1) Don't use those Coin Counting Machines. These machines are absolutely ridiculous. All they do is calculate the money that you pour into them, and then take some of it. That's right, every time you use one of those machines you lose money. They charge 9% on the dollar, which means you lose $9 for every $100 you pour. For serious coin collectors who save for months, or even years, this can amount to losing $100 when you bring in your 5 gallon tub of change. So instead of pouring your money into a machine USE YOUR BRAIN (literally) and count your money by hand, roll it, and take it to a bank. You won't lose 9% of your money that way, as long as you're not taking your money to Jim's Really Secure Bank...

2) Quit being so lazy! I mean that as a joke, but come on people, how hard is it to count money by hand and take it to a bank? Here's an example - A person saves $100 in change every month, and every month that person goes to a Coin Counting Machine and cashes in. So every month the happy person walks away with $91 (not shabby). So at the end of the year that person would have cashed in $1,092. That's a good amount of money, but those $9 charges every month added up to $108 over the year! That's a lot of money to lose just because of apathy. So please, for your own sake, stop using those machines.

I'm on a 168 hour break, so until then Stay Tuned...

22 May 2009

Summer Deals on Travel

If you are looking for a good deal on travel this summer -- there are some places that are sale due to the economy!

Maui - is the cheapest it has been in years due to the failure of Aloha airlines and the decline in high end travel. It is still not the cheapest trip but if you are planning a honeymoon or something special - it is worth checking out.

Vancouver - With the US dollar being up - going to Canada you get a 20% increase in the value of the dollar. Vancouver has excess rooms - that are built for the 2010 Olympics.

New York City - Hotels have lowered their rates 20%. Check out the Statue of Liberty, Battery Park, Ellis Island and the Chelsea gallery.

Smoky Mountains - As the summer lingers on - rental prices will come down. The border of Tennessee and North Carolina will have the best deals. The Smoky Mountains have over 800 miles of trails. As well as white water rafting, bird watching, waterfalls and many animals to admire.

Alaska Cruise - Prices are down almost 50%. A seven day cruise in June on Celebrity is $499 a person vs $899 last year. Alaska has so many unique features that you can experience on the luxury of a cruise ship. Glaciers, bears, bald eagles, small towns untouched by commercialism. Hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, are just a few of the adventures that await you.

If these trips are out of your price range - check out local day trips in your area. There are so many interesting things in our own backyards that we rarely take advantage of. More than anything take the time to smell the roses and enjoy each and every day.

Stay tuned........

19 May 2009

Tuesday's Tips

Happy Tuesday everyone! With my second edition of Tuesday's Tips I would like to talk about a couple things I have done over the years that helped me stay out of debt (especially through college).

1) Having a credit card, but using it sparingly. It is very easy to get into credit card debt in college. Banks are always offering credit cards and they usually include something like a free t-shirt or even free downloads of your favorite songs. However, these cards can have obscenely high interest rates, and the banks are really hoping you'll get into debt and collect that interest. However, you need to start building credit so you can buy a car or a house one day. I had a credit card when I was in college and I never got myself into debt because I followed a simple rule: use the card for one thing only and nothing else. My one thing was gas for my car. When I would make trips home on the weekends or drove around the city I would have to fill up every now and then. I only used my credit card when I needed to fill up my gas tank. I paid cash for anything else I needed or wanted. If I didn't have the cash I wouldn't buy it. By doing this I was able to build credit without getting myself into debt. I paid the bill every month and never carried over a balance, thus eliminating the interest that would accrue. This should work for most people unless you're buying $100 worth of groceries every week or using your credit card only for bar tabs (this is a bad idea, especially when you feel nice enough to buy rounds of shots).

2) Go to the library for books. Whether you need a book for class or you are looking for a good read always consult the library. Many public libraries are part of Ohio Link so you may be able to get a book that your local library doesn't have. This rule is doubly as important for college students. Having to buy books every quarter/semester gets pricey, and this is a great way to get those books without having to pay $1000+ each year for school. I know that my girlfriend and I have saved well over $2,500 with all the books we've gotten from the library this past year just to read for fun (that price is based on sticker price of book at local bookstore). So we would be in a very different situation financially if we purchased every book we wanted to read.

As always please comment with your own tips to share them with others. That's what we need to do to spread knowledge and change our futures.

I'm on a 168 hour break, so until then Stay Tuned...

17 May 2009

Summer Break - Enjoy and Be Creative!

School will winding down soon for most High School and College students. A well deserved break from deadlines, tests and projects. Looking forward to sunny days, swimming, travel and sleeping in....... or looking for a job.

In this economy it can prove to be very frustrating to find a simple fast food job. This is where creativity and using your resources will pay off.

1. Utilize contacts and network to see if anyone is aware of companies hiring for the summer.

2. Be creative - put together a mini portfolio and show the benefits of hiring you - STAND OUT

3. Don't be passive - if possible drop resume off in person - see if you can get foot in the door.

4. Follow up - with call, email or note. True interest will get the employer's attention.

If all else fails...... Create your own job. There are a zillion people who need help.

Make a general flyer with your skills and pass out in your neighborhood, leave at local stores and post on Craig's list, put ad in local paper etc.

1. Landscaping

2. Walk dogs or check on pets while people travel

3. Elder care - shop, take to Dr., small tasks around their home

4. Computer skills - utilize them

5. Power wash desks, siding or paint

6. Clean houses

7. Nanny - summer is tough for many parents who work..

9. Garage sell - have a cooler of COLD water and Soda for sell

8. Any skill you have that could make life easier for someone - is marketable!

Stay tuned....

14 May 2009

Great New Book! Quick Cash for Teens

Quick Cash for Teens by Peter Bielagus is a new release book on entrepreneurship. It is not only for teens, it is for anyone who wants to start a business. He gives great no nonsense advise to avoid being a statistic of business's that fail in the first two years.

Entrance into the world of entrepreneurship
Type of business you should start
Turning what sucks into bucks - (hint - this is what Aaron Patzer of did)
Name game
Ropin'Em In - Finding customers
Show me the money
Meet the Trio - income, cash flow and Balance sheet
Make a statement
Account for your accounting
What is the Plan Man
Setting up shop

There is nothing like being your own boss - when your business is successful. Grab a copy of Peter's book and get started on your way to FREEDOM!

Stay tuned....

12 May 2009

Tuesday's Tips

Hey future millionaires! This is Stefan and I wanted to inform everyone that I am going to be posting weekly tips on saving and cost-cutting. This new segment will be called "Tuesday's Tips" and I will post every Tuesday rain or shine! This past week I celebrated my 23rd birthday so I am going to share some tips on birthday savings.

1) Take total advantage of free EVERYTHING on your birthday. This includes more than just a free scoop of ice cream at Graeter's. My boss informed me that most Home Depot's have an outdoor car wash on the side of or in the back of their buildings. If you call ahead you can see if they offer car washes, and if they do most will wash your car for free on your birthday. Don't be afraid to call any and every local restaurant and ask if they do anything special for birthdays. Don't be afraid to ask if you have to purchase anything to get the free or discounted item. And don't feel embarrassed about asking. Many people just assume you need to purchase entree's or feel bad about asking for their free dessert or appetizer, but these restaurant’s make exceptional amounts of money, and one ice cream sundae isn't going to put them out of business.

Also, if you do decide to call places and make plans for your free items make sure to HAVE FUN WITH IT!!! Take the day off work and invite a friend or family member to come with you and make a day of it. What could be more fun than driving around with a close friend getting free food all day?

2) Get the free offers sent to you! This goes along with taking advantage of free stuff, but involves spending as well. Lots of places will send e-mails to people with advertisements and coupons for their upcoming specials and deals. Most people don't want to get those because it's like spam in your e-mail inbox all day, and it's a hassle to go through. Well thanks to the magic of Yahoo and G-Mail there is no longer a reason to worry about e-mails clogging your inbox. Simply open a new e-mail account and use it specifically for those types of e-mails. It can be as simple as (that's my first name & date of birth @ That e-mail doesn't exist (yet...) but it's a good example. Whenever you want to know about deals or specials for a restaurant or store you visit simply give that e-mail address when filling out the sign-up card. You won't have to worry about e-mails clogging your inbox, but you still get all the deals and coupons.

I know this week wasn't all about saving, but it is my exception because I did these things for my birthday this year and I plan to do them again for my birthday next year.

Please comment and offer others your birthday tips. There's nothing better than sharing great ideas with others, and that's what Tuesday's Tips are all about.

I'm on a 168 hour break, so until then Stay Tuned...

08 May 2009

Mother's Day

Word of advice - don't forget Mother's day!

Honestly, I prefer the fact that my boys both call me all year long, tell me what is going on in their lives and pay attention to mine. Notice when I need help and offer to assist me. Make me laugh, invite me to do things I have never done before and include me their lives.

For Mother's day most mom's just want to know you love them and appreciate their efforts. A card, with a sincere note, phone call or visit is all that is really needed.

When we have our children our lives change in a blink of the eye - there is no love like that of a mother and child - just let her know - you love her!

Stay tuned.....

06 May 2009

When did a party become this...

Hey everyone! Stefan here, and it had been a while since I posted anything, so I decided to share an incident that recently happened in my life....but first a little background info.

I graduated from The Ohio State University in June 2008, moved to Worthington (a Columbus suburb) and work in Dublin (another Columbus suburb). My girlfriend and two fraternity brothers of mine all live together in a nice house in Worthington in order to save a little money. We have all finished college in the past 3 years, and aside from my girlfriend, all lived in our fraternity house. With that info in mind....

My girlfriend and I decided to take my 4 year old cousin to the Circus. We had taken her the year before, and friends of ours wanted to take their 4 year old boy. The circus was in Dayton, so we knew it would be a late night. Partway through the circus my phone started buzzing; it was a text from one of my housemates.

"Hey, C*** wants to know if mom and dad are coming home tonight."

Because my girlfriend and I eat dinner at 6:30 and watch Jeopardy almost every night we've been dubbed mom and dad, even though we're the two youngest in the house.

"Yea we're coming back. It'll probably be late though, but tell C*** dad said he can go out with his friends. He can even invite a few over."

What I didn't realize then was just how late our circus evening would be. We intended to drop my cousin off at my aunt's house on our way back to Columbus, but it got so late that we decided to keep her overnight and take her to the zoo the next day. The circus ended a bit after 10, and we went to my girlfriend's grandparent's house for a snack, arriving around 11:15. An hour later and we were on the road home and I received another text.

"Where are you guys? I thought you'd be home by now. You missing the party!!!"

THE PARTY???? I didn't realize that when I jokingly told my housemate to invite people over that it would turn into a party. We don't live on campus anymore! We can't be throwing keggers in the suburbs!! And we had a 4 year old with us!!! I was dreading the situation when we neared our house because I hate to be the guy that tells people to turn down the music in their own house, but it was close to 2am and we needed my cousin to get some sleep!

Well when we pulled down the street I was shocked...

There were no cars in the street
There were no cars in our driveway
There was no loud music coming from inside
The only lights on in the house were in the living room

I was confused but relieved. Now I needed to know what happened to the party...

Had it really ended that early?
Did my friends drink a bunch then drive home?
Were the neighbors upset about what might have happened?
God forbid the police had to get involved...

When we walked in the front door my two housemates we asleep on the couches with a movie playing on the TV. D*** woke up and I asked what happened to the party. He told me to follow him to the garage. I hesitantly followed not sure what to expect. What I found was the following situation...

Trash was all over the garage floor
Beer bottles were all over the garage floor
There was a foul odor throughout the room

What surprised me the most about what I found was this...

The trash on the floor was cardboard boxes and packing peanuts and foam
The beer bottles were from a six-pack D*** and C*** split
The foul odor was from the canister of gasoline sitting in the corner

My two housemates had purchased a lawnmower and a grill that evening and put them together in the garage. Apparently C***'s parents were visiting the next day and he wanted to cookout for them and our lawn needed some grooming.

So it has occurred to me that the term party has evolved. A couple of years ago a party involved beers and loud music until daybreak. Now it involves putting together appliances and watching a movie on the couch because you're tired from a long day of work. I guess it's all part of growing up. It appears that the next evolved version of party will involve a clown, pin the tail on the donkey, and lots of noisy children....

I could get used to that, but for now I'll stick with snowblowers and the Die Hard series.

Stay tuned...

04 May 2009

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