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I wish I would have understood how easy it is to become a millionaire by starting to save small amounts of money when I was younger...

I feel compelled to share the simple concepts you can apply today....


31 March 2009

Reinvent Yourself with a Change in Attitude

Wow, it seems as if bad financial planning, greed, and lack of integrity are not going to be tolerated at least for the next four years! I say it is about time. So GenM it is time to get serious, roll up your sleeves and take a look at yourself and your financial choices.

This is an excellent opportunity to reinvent yourself...
You don't want to be General Motors, Chrysler or one of the banks in financial ruins. If I hear scale and profitability one more time I am going to scream. It is all talk no action.

How to reinvent yourself. First, you need to take assessment of where you really are. Do you like your life? If not, you may be spending money out of boredom or to increase your self worth. Find areas in your life that generate passion, creativity and motivation. Then spend more time doing those things. You could quite possibly create a career out of something you love.

At your current job - look for ways to stand out, maintain a great attitude and stay out of the office mumblings - they are career killers! Out perform others, that does not mean more hours - work smarter, be efficient, find ways to be valuable - ignore the sneers of co-workers who will try and make you feel like you re the enemy. If that happens - you know you are on the right track. People that succeed - are persistent, positive, flexible, creative and non conformers.

It is a change in attitude that makes all the difference. My sister Vicki of Look photography does a lot of volunteer work. She takes photos for an organization that helps families with dying children. All they want are beautiful photos with their children. She has been in some of the poorest sections of town, in the most desperate of situations and has witnessed more love and gratitude with true appreciation for what they have.

Life is not about money - it is about experiences. Treasuring each moment and making the most of it. Not sleep walking through your life but embracing it. While doing that - good decisions enhance the experience and give you more opportunity for living life to the fullest.

So as I have been repeatedly saying - small amounts of money over the long term will make you financially successful. If you start saving now - today - changing little habits - being aware of your choices - you may get a little surprise. You will start to notice other aspects of your life and really start living!

Stay tuned.......

27 March 2009

Free Stuff

Spring is here! The sun is out and I am feeling energized. I can not wait to get outside and soak up some of the sun.

Did you know the majority of Americans have a vitamin D deficiency? We have become so afraid of the sun and skin cancer that we have created another problem. Easy way to solve that problem and it is FREE.

---Grab a Frisbee, basketball, ball and glove, hiking shoes, gardening tools and go out either in early morning or after 4pm without sun screen for at least 15 minutes.

Other free stuff while helping others....

Many times when you volunteer with a group - they provide free food or T-shirts. You feel great about helping others and may get a bonus for your effort.

---Check out local needs - our township does a clean up day in the spring - that keeps our town safe and clean - but provides a ton of food and a free t shirt. Plus many times it will satisfy a requirement for school.

With the economic crisis more than ever - charities are needing help - you will gain more than you ever give - and help you realize how fortunate you are.

Look for all the cultural events in your area that can broaden your view of the world....

---Many museums are free on certain days or give huge student discounts.

---Plays, orchestras, and ballets normally provide huge discounts for students.

---Many cities have "Party in the Park" events all summer that are free, normally have a band and filled with energy.

---All spring, summer and fall are festivals - usually supporting a certain ethnic group, or cause - they can be very interesting. Just make sure you don't spend more than you can afford on the food stands - It is fun to try different things but have a specific amount of $ before you go. You do have the option of just walking around and soaking in the music and energy.

Stay tuned.......

24 March 2009

Back from the APCA Conference!

Wow, what an energetic week we had - we were at the APCA conference - (Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities). Our goal was to meet as many people as possible, build relationships, and explain our mission, and gain exposure in hopes of presenting to as many young adults as possible!

It was our pleasure to talk with many of the Military personnel that attended - in hopes of bringing some entertainment, education, and fun to the troops.

We also spoke with many colleges and universities looking for the same. We would like to thank everyone that stopped by our booth and/or came to our showcase.

We did come away with a few fun low cost ideas for you!

1. Decorate your flip flops - that booth was a huge success. They had all colors of beads that you could string on and attach through the toe divider, and all kinds of little items you could attach. Check out our web page Generation Millionaire to see the photos.

2. Pot luck picnic or dinner - get a few friends and each person bring 1 item, this cuts down on the cost of getting together and is cheaper than eating out. For entertainment after - you can throw a Frisbee, play any game, go for a hike etc.

3. Learn a new skill - juggling, reading tarot cards, balloon animals. You will be a hit no matter where you go!

4. Organize your own boot camp - we all need more exercise. Make it fun while getting in shape.

All these ideas are free or close to it, all involve others and not sitting in front of a TV or video game. We need to live our lives and enjoy them........

Stay tuned....

16 March 2009

New Ideas Coming -- Generation Millionaire in the Making

I will be at a convention until Sunday March 22nd --- so please stay tuned as when I get back I am going to change up the look of the posts - we will have more hands on ideas - cheap but healthy home cook meals, ways to coupon and blog, free activities and many more lifestyle ideas!

We will always come back to the main theme of saving NOW - since time is on your side - but will help you in everyday ways to make sure you have balance and enjoy your life everyday!

I had a jolt today that reminded me of how precious life is. I went for a routine exam that turned into a three hour round of xrays, ultrasounds, xrays, doctors and technicians coming in to give their opinion - the end result was everything was fine. However, as I waited - I thought my whole life could be different in 1 second depending on what they say. Am I happy with my choices, my relationships, my career, what will I tell my kids and husband, etc. The good news is I honestly would not change one thing - I am going to keep embracing life everyday while planning for a long healthy life!

Stay tuned......

15 March 2009

Freedom and Options!

Since I resigned from my job at Fidelity Investments in January - I have been reevaluating many areas of my life. The big three - finances, health and relationships.

Warren Buffet has been able to maintain his values while being one of the richest people in the world. Check out his house.

Finances - Since we do not believe in debt - when we gave up 1/2 our income - it meant really evaluating our spending. So we started eliminating some of the extras: blockbuster on line, cut my cell phone minutes, eating at home or using buy one get one free entree coupons, travel, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, ordering books on line (sorry Amazon),

The good news and surprise. By changing our spending habits - we automatically improved our health and relationships. How? We are watching less TV - and playing alot of backgammon, going for walks, and working around our home. Less cell phone minutes is my favorite - I am not tied to the phone and feeling like I need to answer on the spot! I have time to hear myself think, take in nature or be present in the conversation I am having with people that are actually with me. Eating at home - way more healthy and much less expensive.

The other day I was thinking that TV that evening sucked -- and was on my way to blockbuster to rent a movie, (I do use RED BOX) but I was feeling like I should treat myself to a new release -- before I arrived at blockbuster - I turned around. The idea of spending almost $5 on a movie rental was more than I was willing to spend. I ended up spending time with my husband and reading a book that evening. Some great reads are....
Once you start to really be conscious with your spending - you will have moments like mine. Is this where I want to really spend my money!

Since my resignation almost 3 months ago - although we have less money - we are so much happier. We are working on Generation Millionaire and looking forward to many presentations across the country - simplified our lives but are much more in touch with what is important to us. I am also a believer in what you think you become. So I carefully watch my thoughts -- and work from a very positive approach to life,

The reason we can do this - is we did not live above our means, we saved for many years, lived under our means, so when our income changed - we could maintain our lifestyle. The beauty of my choices is I could choose to leave my job to pursue Generation Millionaire because we were not strapped by stress and debt. We have FREEDOM and OPTIONS!

Stay tuned........

12 March 2009

Web Page Live

We have our web page live - it is still a work in progress but I wanted to share it with all of you. If your school or organization is looking for education and empowerment - please forward to the appropriate person!

Thanks and keep up the questions and please continue to pass the blog on to your peers - knowledge is the only way for success!

Stay tuned.......

09 March 2009

Another Great Question!

Dear Generation Millionaire,

I was at your talk at the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity at Cincinnati about 2-3 weeks ago, and I wanted some advice on investing. I am a sophomore at UC, and I have absolutely no debt thanks to scholarships and such. I was thinking about the rule of 72 the other day, and I got to thinking, "Why am I not investing right now while in college?" I could get an extra four years of compounded interest if I started now. I have around $10,000 in my bank account earning less than one percent interest. Also, with the market being at a 12 year low right now, I have the urge to "strike while the iron's hot" and invest when stocks are at all-time lows, thus maximizing my investment. I have read some articles stating that a 25% return is reasonable once the market starts to swing up again.

So I guess in essence, my question is two-fold. When and how should I invest. Should I wait until the stock market stops the free fall, which is any one's guess, or invest now, knowing that when stocks go back up I will already have my investments. Also, you mentioned many different investment firms for people to go invest. I want something that I can put my money into and not worry about it, low maintenance with my busy schedule. Is a Fidelity target timeline the best way to go? If not, how to I begin talking to a financial professional about my options? Thank you for your help as I really enjoyed your eye opening lecture

I am so glad that the presentation was beneficial to you. Congratulations on savings! You ask excellent questions. I am going to answer from a short to long term planning perspective. As always you will want to check with a financial provider as I don't have all your information and they should dig alittle deeper.

1. You want to have an emergency fund, that will cover 3 -6 months of expenses.
2. Any cash you may need over the next 2 years - should be in a liquid account (savings or money market)
3. Money you may need in the next 3 -5 years - can afford alittle more risk - you can look into a balance fund or one of the target time line funds with a shorter date. i.e. 2015 fund.
4. Retirement money - if you have less than $50,000 most financial firms recommend the target time line funds - as they will provide you with better diversification and balance vs trying to pick a few funds on your own.

Next regarding retirement planning......

1. Do you have any earned income for the 2008 (last year) If you do you can open a Roth IRA and contribute up to $5000. You need to have earned income in the amount that you are contributing up to $5000. So if you made $2000 - then that is all you can contribute in that year, if you made $10,000 the max you can contribute is $5000.00. You have to tell the firm or put it in a letter or on the check that the contribution is for 2008. You have until April 15th, 2009 to contribute for 2008. In a Roth, the money grows tax deferred and when you withdraw money from the account after age 59 1/2 - it will all come out tax free. Huge benefit.

2. If you did not have earned income in 2008 but do in 2009 - you can open the Roth IRA and have the contribution go to your 2009 amount. Make sure you tell the firm what year you want the contribution to be counted for. The benefit of using money for the Roth IRA 2008 - is that ts gives you until April 15 2010 to still add for 2009.

Fidelity Investments, Vanguard and T Rowe Price all have low priced Target Timeline funds. You can call them directly and avoid any advisor fees. They all have licensed representatives who should be able to ask the additional questions to ensure you are making the right choices for your personal situation.

4. If you do not have earned income - you can open a brokerage account and buy a target timeline fund and earmark that for retirement. You will still have the benefit of the fund and planning. You will not have the tax advantage status that an IRA offers but you will have money working for you which is the most important part of securing your future.

We will never know when the market hits the bottom or the top - my thought is you invest now and a good way to take advantage of the market is to dollar cost average in. Meaning you add on a regular basis buying at all levels throughout the year.

Keep the questions coming!

Stay tuned.........

05 March 2009

Survive the Economic Downturn!

Wow, everyday it seems the news gets worse. Will GM survive, layoffs and more foreclosures.

CNN did an interview with a Great Depression Survivor who has had to go back to work at age 86! Due to higher cost of living from inflation.

Her interview is very insightful as to attitude and choices we make. Miss Elvira is an amazing women with a wonderful perspective on life.
There is also Clara the 91 year old great grandmother who gives cooking lessons on youtube. She is adorable and gives great tips as well.

We never know what is around the corner so your best bet is to prepare for the worst and plan for the best. By saving now and living below your financial means - you will be better prepared for the future.

I grew up in the late 60's and early 70's - times were tough. Inflation was at an all time high and income levels were low. We grew up with my mom - reusing bread bags, saved twisty ties, grew alot of our vegetables, stretched hamburger by adding bread or crackers in meatloaf, we ate alot of rice, pasta and potatoes, hand me down clothes, used furniture, cooked at home 99.9% of the time, used coupons all the time, watched for sales and shopped numerous stores to maximize savings, planned routes in the car to save gas, activities were free - went to parks, beach, roller skating and riding bikes in our neighborhood, birthday parties were at home with a few friends and made up games, board games with my siblings and making homemade cookies to name a few ways we lived.

We really need to get back to the basics - wants vs needs. It is actually a very fulfilling way to live because you are more in the moment and enjoying each other and nature! We never felt deprived and were very happy. Simpler times are really a gift.

Stay tuned......

02 March 2009

Look Photography

I want to thank the team of Vicki and Tom of Look Photography for attending the University of Cincinnati Presentation and shooting such amazing pictures.
Vicki and Tom bring energy and capture the moment and feeling of any event they are shooting. They are more than photographers they bring out the true essence of you.

Vicki and Tom specialize in Fine Art Photography and Tom is a very creative artist. Check out their website and blog at

01 March 2009

Dig Out of Debt or Ways to Add to Savings......

The University of Cincinnati and Langley Air Force Base presentations were amazing! Excellent questions and lots of energy. Again, you have proved my belief - with knowledge you will make changes and plan responsibly for your futures!

Many of the questions revolve around lifestyle changes - so I thought I would throw out some cost cutting ideas - and ways to get better control of your spending. Also Zen Habits had an article on items to do during a bad economy.

Ways to cut costs and get control of your spending....
1. Write down every single penny you spend - track it for aleast 2 weeks.
2. Use cash - studies show you will spend 20% less a year - we hate to give up the green.
3. Use coupons and loyalty cards.
4. Compile gas perks and remember to use them to fill up!
5. Plan meals and go to the grocery only 1 time a week at the most.
6. Make a list when going to the grocery and stick to you it!
7. Cook at home - avoid fast food and eating out - it is expensive and less healthy.
8. Buy a case of water or soda -- buying one at a time is at least 4x more expensive.
9. Go to the library to rent movies vs buying or renting them.
10. Go to a park to hike, throw a Frisbee, have a picnic - it is free and good for you!

The key is to be conscious in your decisions. When we just swipe and go - it does not feel like real money that we are spending. Be alert to your habits. Once you change the habits - you will see that your overall quality of life really hasn't changed but your bank account will increase!

Stay tuned......

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