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I wish I would have understood how easy it is to become a millionaire by starting to save small amounts of money when I was younger...

I feel compelled to share the simple concepts you can apply today....


24 July 2008

Back to basics of being a Millionaire

Everywhere I turn it is bad news. Foreclosures are at all time high, banks are in default and the government is having to step in, consumer debt is out of control and inflation is creeping back into our lives. Everyday there is an article debating whether we are in a recession or not.

The good news for you is -
if you start saving your $8.50 EVERY DAY and invest it for your future - eventually you will have FINANCIAL FREEDOM and you wont be a part of the chaos or problem!

Taking simple steps everyday with your choices will make you a MILLIONAIRE. If you think i don't have enough to save - let me tell you then you never will. If you do not know how to live on what you make - whether it is $15,000 or $500,000 a year. You will have financial problems.

I am sure you have heard about movie stars, professional athletes, and even people who win big in the lottery having to file bankruptcy. It is because they do not know the basic principles :
1. Pay yourself first
2. Before buying anything - review why you are buying and if it fits into long term plan
3. Write down every purchase - (yep, even those vending machine snacks, lunches etc)
4. Make a budget and stick to it.
5. Build into your budget activities you enjoy - so you don't feel like you are deprived
6. Get excited about the future and taking control of your life.

These are just a few of the basic ideas to get started. In the next post i will go into more detail on the steps but if you don't change your THINKING first none of it will work.

I believe your generation can be the group that turns this country around. The steps are easy, the principles work - and you don't need anyone to do anything for you - so all the noise in the background of foreclosures and debt will not be an issue for you.

Are you going to be on the wave of change? Will you be a millionaire and part of the solution?

Stay tuned......

16 July 2008

Live everyday to its fullest

Life can throw you a curve ball at any time. That is why it is so important to plan for the future but ensure you are enjoying everyday. We recently had a tragedy in our family. My 34 year cousin was killed in an automobile accident. It was a shock but is a constant reminder to embrace life, treat people well, follow your passions, work hard, and laugh often.

Live passionately and save for the future! It is simple. Make a top 20 list.
The list will consist of 4 columns.
1. List the top 20 things you want to do/accomplish before you die.
2. Who do you want to do it with
3. How much will it cost
4. Time frame to accomplish task.

Really think about it - make sure there is passion behind your choices. They don't have to be expensive, exotic or unusual. Don't be surprised if you see the same names on the list and that many of the goals are inexpensive. It is amazing how we limit ourselves by thoughts in our head. Once you write them down it clarifies the steps needed for action. It will just take a little focus and planning.

Some examples I have seen on the Top 20 lists are:
Always own a hammock (want to be sure to always remember to relax and enjoy life)
Start a business from a hobby (career change to something they enjoy)
Travel for pleasure or to volunteer
Get married or have children
Learn, scuba dive, garden etc

Once you have your Top 20 you can prioritize many ways -
1. Who - If the person is older - you may want to act on that more quickly
2. Cost - free things can be acted on immediately for more expensive goals - start saving with a specific end date
3. Time Frame - some tasks can be accomplished quickly others may take years to achieve.

As you accomplish items on your list - review the ones left and be sure they still are important to you. You can always change or add to the list the most important element is to be conscious while making the list. Put thought into your choices. It is your life .....enjoy it.

09 July 2008


Americans are the masters at spending money! We have a German student living with us and he is amazed by the number of grocery stores, food chains, gas stations and malls on every corner. While posting about how to save $60 a week to change your life - I looked around the dorm rooms at the college my kids attend. What did I see???

Rooms filled with dvd's, cd's and game systems. Flat screened TVs (I don't even own one of those), cell phones, Bose music systems, ipods and lap tops..............

Waste of money - DVD's. With the pace that technology changes - you will soon have a room filled with thousands of dollars of useless plastic. I am all for owning the movie or TV series you love. To own a mass number is totally a waste of money and great marketing on someone's part. Did someone say Blu-ray Disc??

Owning numerous game systems - If you have a system you love - great! Own a few games, play, enjoy and relax. We all need time to zone out from the pressures of life. But when I see kids with 3 different systems with hundreds of games at a minimum of $50 a piece - I shudder and wonder what they will be eating when they retire? Had they saved SOME of the money - they could be eating caviar 50 years from now.

It is easy to spend hundreds of dollars on music downloads, overage of minutes on cell phones, paying for features on your phone and cable that you really don't need or use, and overlap of services with technology to name a few.

Managing your choices today will not limit your enjoyment - you still buy the movies, games and technology you love. You just don't own them all. You might even surprise yourself and find additional satisfaction from not buying something!
Run it thru a filter - before a purchase...

How does this fit into my short term goals and my long term goals?

Can I get it from the library, borrow from a friend, how often will I use it, am I being sold or do I have a real need for this in my life? Start asking yourself these types of questions to be more aware and conscious before you spend money.

You will be on your way to becoming a MILLIONAIRE!

Stay tuned......

07 July 2008

It is never too late

Why is it so hard for companies to simply explain how to be financially successful? Look at financial company webpages. They are layers upon layers of useless information for the average or novice investor. Employers offer retirement plans with little or no explanation. So they are underused and no one really cares. In the meantime the cycle of debt continues to EXPLODE in this country and it is harder and harder to maintain everyday living expenses. So what is one of the pieces of the puzzle?

"Time + Regular Investing" into a diversified portfolio = Long term success
The sooner you start investing in a 401k or IRA the more $$ you have for retirement.

If you invest $60 a week starting at age 18 for 50 years with an 8% return = $1.9 Million
If you invest $60 a week starting at age 25 for 42 years with an 8% return = $1 Million

By waiting 7 years to invest a mere $60 a week - you give up almost one million dollars.
Where am I going to get $60 a week ??..... it is so easy with simple changes you won"t notice in the long run........
Pack your lunch instead of eating out -
Go to the library for movies, cds, books and games -
Plan your route to avoid extra driving -
Go to a matinee
Drink water vs ordering soda, coffee, tea etc.
Little changes that will not affect your quality of life TODAY will pay off big TOMORROW.
This information can change your entire generation - WILL YOU BE A MILLIONAIRE?
Stay tuned.......

06 July 2008

Welcome to GenM

Life can be exciting, fun and full of passion but the world is in chaos. The government is in debt. People are losing their homes. Affording simple things can be difficult. So where's the luxury in life? How will you change your destiny?

Generation Millionaire can show you how to embrace your life and passion TODAY while becoming a millionaire tomorrow.

It is simple and easy to do both.

Welcome to Generation Millionaire.

Stay tuned...

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