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30 June 2009

Tuesday's Tips

Good afternoon future millionaires! It's time for another installment of Tuesday's Tips, and once again this week's tips are taken from events in my life.

1) Try to find a good mechanic for auto maintenance. I can't even stress how important this is in cost saving. Recently the air conditioning in my 2003 Corolla stopped working, so I called some places to see how much it would cost to check. Just to have my car checked would be at least $40 (at a Toyota dealership, a Wal Mart, and other auto repair places). So I guessed maybe the freon was low and needed to be flushed and refilled. I called those places again and the cheapest for that work was $160. I was just hoping it would be a freon issue, and hoping not a compressor issue. If it was those places were going to charge more than $450 parts and labor. I don't think so. So I called my mechanic friend Joe, who did work on my girlfriend’s car a couple of years ago, and asked him what he would charge. He told me to bring it on over so he could check it out. When I got to his place he walked to my car with freon to see if the system would take any. It wouldn't so he checked a few other things and then said either the compressor was out or a fuse needed to be replaced. He didn't charge me anything and said to bring it back so he could look at it for a few hours. He said he would only charge me for parts, which he gets at cost, and maybe $20 for labor. There is a distinct possibility that I'll pay less than half of what the other places would charge, and he is very honest about the car's problems and even offers to teach me how to do the maintenance for future reference.

2) Ask your friends and relatives if they know a good mechanic. That's how I found out about Joe. My girlfriend’s car was having problems, and a friend of mine said he knew a great mechanic that does work cheaper than anyone in town. It turned out to be a great lead because I don't take my car anywhere but to him, and I've saved $100's because he doesn't price gouge. I even pay him a bit more than he asks for because he ends up charging less than $5/hour for his labor on average.

So take it from me. Automobiles are a very costly thing to own and maintain, so why not try to save where possible, and help out the little guy in the process.

I'm on a 168 hour break, so until then Stay Tuned...

28 June 2009

Live your Best Life!

What a week in the news! Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett's untimely deaths have been a reminder to all of us - that your life can change in a split second. Farrah had been battling cancer for the past 3 years and lost that battle - despite all the best medical care in the world and the money to go after it.

Michael, well we aren't sure yet - is it just a sad reminder of how vulnerable we are or mismanagement of prescription drugs? Which is a national epidemic - we only hear about it when a celebrity dies an untimely death.

Regardless of why - the fact remains the same. They are gone.

Lessons hopefully learned when a tragedy occurs:

1. Am I living my best life?
2. Am I in a rut and just going through the motions - if so it is time to reevaluate and change
3. Is my estate in order - have a WILL made now - will make sure your wishes are carried out.
4. What is really important and am I living my values?
5. Am I spending time with people I love?

My entire life changed the day my 34 year old cousin was killed in a motorcycle accident. A few days after his accident I was driving to work and I thought "Wow, it would really suck if one of these semi's crashed into my car and killed me - not because I would die - but because I was going to a job that was sucking the life out of me. I wasn't happy - I just liked the security. At least my cousin was doing what he loved.

At that point I created Generation Millionaire and took a giant risk and left my very secure job. My income has changed but my level of happiness has increased 100%! I am doing something that will help and change your generation. I am living my passion and believe I am making a difference.

Live your best live everyday!

Stay tuned.....

25 June 2009

Attitude at Work Affects Pay Check

Money issues come in all forms. If you are not happy at work and reflect that with your actions - you may be sabotaging your advancement and opportunities. Our behavior will stand out more than our performance - I have worked with some of the most talented individuals who could never seem to get ahead. It is because the company feared what their actions would do to affect other employees. They would choose someone with a great attitude that is trainable vs the most qualified individual with a poor attitude.

How Toxic Behavior Leads to Sinful Behavior at Work
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Posted Apr 23rd 2009 4:27PM
By Rachel Zupek, writer

Have you ever found that the people most guilty of unruly behavior at work are also the ones who are most oblivious to their behavior?

Take Fred, for example. Fred is the guy who asks you to "help" him with a big presentation (aka, you do the whole thing). But when Fred is congratulated on a job well done, he takes full credit for the work you did.

Or, look at Susan. Susan talks to you for hours on end about herself -- her family, friends, work and play -- but never does she ask about what's happening in your world.

And we can't forget about George, who may as well come with a warning label that reads "Dangerous When Angered." One wrong word, question, criticism or opinion and he blows his lid.
All of these people are examples of toxic personalities, which are showing up in the workplace now more than ever.

"During economic downturns, the 'shadow' side of our personalities can bring out the worst in people," say Dr. Mitchell Kusy and Dr. Elizabeth Holloway, authors of "Toxic Workplace! Managing Toxic Personalities and their Systems of Power."
Toxicity spreads like a nasty virus

Perhaps the worst part about noxious workplace behavior is how it affects those around you. According to a study conducted by Kusy and Holloway, 94 percent of respondents said they had worked with or were currently working with a toxic person.

"Before you know it, you have caught the 'infection' and find yourself acting in ways that complement or replicate the very behaviors that are making you angry, frustrated and/or depressed," Kusy and Holloway say.

Here's how to know if you're a toxic personality, and how you can save yourself from your sinful actions:
1. Deadly sin: Envy
Did a co-worker get the promotion you'd been waiting for? Did your colleague surpass you -- again -- in
sales? You should absolutely acknowledge others' achievements but don't use them as a standard with which to measure your own. Kusy and Holloway say that when you're envious of someone else, you naturally want to undermine his reputation and the way others gravitate toward him. But in the long run, you're only undoing your own reputation.
Salvation: Bury your envy and start focusing on building a reputation as a team player, Kusy and Holloway suggest. Figure out how you can start turning your envy into passion or positive energy.

2. Deadly sin: Gluttony
More is not always better. Though everyone is anxious to climb quickly up the
corporate ladder, none of that will matter if you don't care who you plow through to get to the top. While it's definitely OK to ask for more job responsibility, it's more important to maintain a balance.
Salvation: One of the most critical mistakes regarding gluttony is not considering your team enough, Kusy and Holloway say.
"You don't need to belittle and diminish someone else for your work to be noticed. Work with your team so that you are all noticed for innovation and productivity. Make sure that you are in the lead of building a positive team climate; making everyone look good on a project will make you look good as a team player."

3. Deadly sin: Greed
Everyone is guilty of wanting more: more money, more power and more responsibility. The problem comes when you try to use your position to punish others, demand their loyalty or take all the credit for the work that others have done.
Salvation: It's best to focus your goals on the long term. If you only concentrate on quick, short-term gains, you'll probably do well in the moment but you won't be able to extend yourself to the next level.

4. Deadly sin: Lust
Lust in the workplace isn't limited to office romance. You might lust after a nicer work space or even your boss's job. But, spending your time focused on what you don't have or others' work achievements rather than working to further your own is a sure-fire career killer.
Salvation: "What length will you go satisfy this lust?" ask Kusy and Holloway. "If it extends to deceptions, badmouthing your co-workers or undermining the productivity of the team, then your emotions are ruling your actions with disastrous results. Go to your supervisor and ask him or her to put you on a development plan that can segue you to that next new job in the organization."

5. Deadly sin: Pride
Personal success is your M.O. -- you have no problem taking credit for a job well done, even if it was a joint effort. You have the absolute belief that you're always right; you always want to be in control, and you think other people won't -- or can't -- do their jobs. While it's a good feeling to be right, no one is always right, Kusy and Holloway explain.
"When you are right and make sure that everyone else knows that they are proven wrong, you can be sure that you have lost their support in the future," they say.
Salvation: First, realize that building a reputation for getting things done right is to build a team that does it right together, they say. Remember that sharing credit with everyone who deserves it makes everyone accountable. Finally, give praise where it is due and you'll be shocked how much comes back to you, Kusy and Holloway say.

6. Deadly sin: Sloth
If you're lazy, complacent or indifferent about your job, you're on the express train to nowhere. Just because you've been successful in the past doesn't mean that success will carry you through the rest of your career. Sloth becomes toxic when there's a continued pattern that becomes counter-productive to workplace productivity.
Salvation: There are several steps you can take to keep your laziness in check, Kusy and Holloway say. First, take stock of yourself and determine where the source of your laziness lies. Are you bored? Do you need to be more challenged in your role? Next, make a specific plan to increase your productivity at work. Figure out how you will measure your expectations and make sure it's feasible, they say.

7. Deadly sin: Wrath
Anger and malice benefit no one in the workplace. Harboring secret hatred or angst toward your boss, colleagues or general work environment will only create an atmosphere of negativity and abuse around you, Kusy and Holloway say.
Salvation: Any pessimistic feelings you have toward co-workers or work are bound to surface eventually, Kusy and Holloway say. If you're angry with your boss, figure out what is bothering you and then see if you can talk to him or her about it. If you're unhappy with your work in general, it might be time to start looking for a new position.
(end of article)

So GenM attitude makes all the difference in the world. I worked in a very negative environment for many years. Many of my co-workers exhibited the deadly sins. I choose to make my cubicle a free zone. Everyone knew if they came over to my desk - no complaining, no blaming, no whining.
If they wanted to discuss work - it had to be productive with actionable steps and total accountability. No one is forcing you to be there - we spend 1/3 or more of our lives at work - why waste those precious moments.

And if you think you are stressed due to your job - wait until you don't have it. Then you have stress! I can not tell you the amount of people I have spoken with who know see all the positives in the job they had prior to being let go or quitting. The grass in not always greener.

If after reviewing your current situation and you just don't fit into the company culture, values or your passion is calling you to do something new. Then make sure you leave in good standing and with appreciation. You never know what is around the next corner.

Life is short and full of surprises. Make sure you embrace every moment - stay out of the past and future and make the most of now.

Stay tuned.....

23 June 2009

Tuesday's Tips

Good morning everyone! My tips today were inspired by a recent occurrence in my life that made me remember we always need to be aware.

1) Check your credit report every year. You can check all 3
credit reports for free once per year and it is a smart thing to do. Recently one of my credit cards had some strange charges, and the company called me about them. I told them I had not made those purchases and to cancel the card. They did so and in the end my credit score wasn't damaged, but it would have been if they hadn't contacted me. The reason being it was a credit card I rarely use, so I don't check the balance. It would have been easy for those charges to go through and for me not to know until it was way too late. So make sure you check for the unexpected.

2) Don't be afraid to ask your credit card company to lower your APR or raise your credit limit. I usually do this about every six months. I've never really come close to hitting my credit limit, but that doesn't stop me from asking for them to raise it. Even if I never rack up $15,000 on my card, it's not bad to have that limit. Banks will be more likely to lend for a mortgage because they see that my credit is good and the companies trust me with that limit. Also, most credit cards have pretty high APR rates. Call them up and ask them how much they can lower it. I was surprised once because my rate was lowered from 9.99% to 4.99% in one phone call. This is also smart because if you ever have to carry over a balance, and I don't suggest it at all, you will have a lower interest rate.

Well I've got more in store for next week, but until then I'm on a 168 hour break.

Stay tuned...

22 June 2009

Raccoons and More Raccoons

Two more days of catching raccoons. I think we have the whole family reunited in the woods (hopefully) far enough from our house that they don't come back. A friend of mine told me they had a raccoon issue - until they realized it was the same raccoon - he kept finding his way back to them!!

Again, be careful if you choose to try and catch any wild animal on your own. They are so cute but carry many diseases and possibly rabies. If you are not comfortable - call a professional who will release them back into the wild in a safe manner.

Stay tuned more to come.........

20 June 2009

Raccoon Saga and Savng Money

Wow, we have had an interesting couple of days........ I was sitting in my screened in porch with my mother in law and thought hmmmm her stomach is really loud - so i asked her if she was hungry. She laughed and said she thought it was me. In the meantime my cat - is getting in the hunter mode and pacing.

I realize something is living under my deck which is only about 4 inches from the ground. My husband Robert calls critter getters - they want $200 to set a trap and $40 for any animal they catch. We decide to attempt the capture on our own. We borrow two heart smart cages and set them up by the deck. Here is what we caught the first evening....... 2 adult raccoons. Robert transports them to a friends house with 10 acres and releases them back into the wild.

FYI - Raccoons carry many diseases and rabies. If you are not comfortable dealing wild animals - hire someone to catch them for you. If you are comfortable and have the correct equipment you can save money and move the animal to a better location for them and you!

Stay tuned for the continued raccoon saga - it is not close to being over yet...

16 June 2009

Tuesday's Tips

Good evening everyone! Today's tips are going to center around being resourceful and creative. We just threw a party at my house for my little brother who is graduating and earning his undergraduate degree, and of course that left us with a lot of leftover food. This brings me to Tip #1...

1) Use leftovers to make creative meals. Many people get tired of leftovers because it's a taste they've already recently had, and they want something different. Well it can actually be easy to take leftovers and make really good new meals out of them. Let's say you grilled some chicken and now you have 2 chicken breasts sitting in your fridge. Just chop them up, add some mayo, relish, and almonds and you've got a delicious grilled chicken salad. Or maybe you made tacos, but ran out of shells. No worry, just make some mac'n'cheese and add the taco meat and you've got a really easy cheesy taco pasta dish. You'll be amazed at what you can make when you look at your pantry and refrigerator shelves to see what's been sitting there for a while not being used.

2) Use everyday household items to make cards instead of buying them. My brother did this for the Christmas cards he made everyone this past year. He found some construction paper, markers, stickers, and glue and made macaroni cards for everyone. It was absolutely hilarious to get a macaroni card from a 20 year old person, but he put a lot of time and effort into making them and everyone appreciated it. You can also put this everyday household items repurposing into other forms such as a birdfeeder from a milk jug, or any other creative use you can find for stuff you already own.

The real message I'm trying to get across is that you don't have to spend lots to be creative. You'll be amazed at how much you save and how much fun you can have doing it when you get your creative mojo working.

I'm on a 168 hour break, so until then Stay Tuned...

12 June 2009

Help - I need to keep my student loans low!

Picture from LOL Picture by: dunno source via our lolbuilder. Caption by: meggypeggy

Well, my son graduated from Ohio State University this year and will be going to Ecuador to learn spanish this summer! He will then return to OSU and join their Pharmacy graduate program.

I want to talk about student loans - for my son Brad - the amount of money he will owe in student loans is like the national debt. However, he will come out in a field that is in demand and from all accounts will be for quite some time.

So the return for him will be great. If he continues to live a little above his college lifestyle when he graduates - he should be able to pay off his loans with ease.

Something to think about -
What is the entry level salary?
How much will you need to borrow to get thru school?
How many years will it take you to pay it back?

As important as it is to live your live with dreams and passion - you don't want to start out with so much debt that you are strapped for 20 years.

Ideas to keep loans to a minimum...
Start at a community college and transfer to a 4 year school.
Live at home to keep costs down - whether for 1 year or the entire time in school.
Work part time while going to school as long as you can keep your grades up.
Apply for scholarships.

If you can study hard for 4 or 5 years, keep costs down, and end up with a degree that is in demand and will make you happy - the next 50 years are much easier.

You have alot to think about while planning for the next adventure in your life - I just want the final adventure from age 23 - ??? to be as stress free as possible! Good luck!

Stay tuned......

09 June 2009

Tuesday's Tips

Happy June everyone! We're 1/3 of the way through the month and almost 1/2 way through the year! Holy cow does time pass quickly or what? Anyway, my tips this week are geared toward enjoying the summer in a fiscally responsible way. This will add a bit to what Stephenie blogged about a couple days ago.

1) See cheaper movies! Everyone knows the biggest Hollywood films come out in the summer, but that doesn't mean you have to pay through the nose to see them. A couple of options include seeing movies at a $1 theater. Most cities have a $1 theater, or something similar, and they usually include movies that have been out for a month or longer. So if you want to see a movie, but can wait a little bit, go to the $1 theater and see it. This will also allow you to purchase a snack and/or drink because you didn't have to pay $10 to see it on the opening weekend. There are also drive-in movie theaters that usually show first run movies. This is a great way to catch 2 movies and get to enjoy the weather. My girlfriend, about 6 friends, and I went to the drive-in this past weekend and saw 2 movies for $8, which is cheaper than seeing 1 movie at the local AMC. Plus you can bring food and drinks to the drive-in, which also saves on the cost of movie snacks!

2) Go to some baseball games! Again this can be a great way to enjoy the weather, get some entertainment, and not break the bank all at the same time. Most cities have a baseball team, major or minor league, or a team in close proximity, so why not go out and root them on? Cheap seats usually cost around $5, and you get 3-4 hours of entertainment and great weather (weather permitting)! So make it really fun, invite a bunch of friends, and have everyone paint letters on their chest to spell out something cool. Maybe you'll all make the jumbotron screen or even the local TV broadcast! Wouldn't that be a fun story to tell at parties?

Also, please read or re-read Stephenie's blog once you finish mine to get even more great summer ideas. And remember, just because it's hot outside it doesn't mean your money needs to burn a hole in your pocket.

I'm on a 168 hour break, so until then Stay Tuned...

07 June 2009

Summer Fun Ideas

School's out, the weather is beautiful, you are feeling free from stress and want to have some fun! You don't need to have alot of money to enjoy the summer. There are so many free or very low cost events going on in most regions.

Check out your local parks - many times they offer classes or free hikes. Normally, the have hiking or bike trails, may have lakes to rent paddle boats or fishing boats, and have experienced rangers that can assist in telling you what all the parks in the area offer.

Read your community newspaper - in our area one of the local communities has an outdoor movie once a month - grab a blanket, some snacks and watch a movie under the stars.

Festivals are synonymous with summer - great way to learn about different cultures and foods, just make sure you have a limit on what you spend - it is easy to spend alot of money going from booth to booth tasting great foods and drinks.

If you live near a lake or ocean - it is free to go hang out in the sand, take your own cooler of food and drinks, grab the sun screen and relax.

In your own backyard - have friends over for a cookout, have everyone bring something to keep costs down, you can play
bocce ball, croquet, volleyball, cards, water balloon fight, or corn hole (a Cincinnati game).

The key is to be with people you enjoy and be in the moment. If you have other ideas please share your ideas --

Stay tuned.....

03 June 2009

Motivational Monday - Presented to National Society of Leadership and Success

Below is a presentation I did recently - it is a great reminder of the basic values of Generation Millionaire.

I am here to tell young adults something no one else is telling them - I travel the country to educate, inspire and empower young adults on the new financial language and steps young adults can take to be financially successful in the future.

Today I want to cover the:
New reality of financial planning
How money grows
Where is the $ so they can start saving today!


You have to save for your own retirement
No longer do we have guaranteed income streams (pensions continue to disappear and social security is unstable at best)

This generation will need to make conscience decisions with their money while planning for their futures. It is about getting to a balanced lifestyle and a balanced reality.

The issue for young adults is – if they want to retire at age 65 or even 70, where is the money coming from for them to live on?

It comes down to THEIR ability to save money NOW.

Sounds Grim – not for Society Members listening today! You will have the knowledge and education to do something about it. Hang with me – I am getting to the golden egg that is in front of you.

You have something that most people do not have at this point – TIME

Time is what makes the difference in how money grows.


If John saved $3000 a year from age 20 to age 30, (total savings $30K) or
Sarah saved $3000 a year from age 30 -70, (total savings $120k) – who will have more money for retirement given an 8% return?

John would have about 1 million dollars – contributed only 30k of his money, only saved for 10 years but started at age 20

Sarah would have about 800k – she contributed 120,000 of her money and saved for 40 years. Yet ends up with $200k less

John was more successful because of the time!

Penny example…….If i offered you 1 penny a day and doubled it everyday for 31 days or offered you a check for $50,000 - what would you take? Most people want to grab the $50,000 but realize there must be a catch so they take the penny offer - and that would be the correct choice. On the 31st day - I would give you a check for over 10 million dollars.

The reason I give this example is I want to show you an accelerated view of how money grows, starts out slow –1, 2, 4, 8 as it builds momentum it is like a snowball going down a hill – it starts to get bigger and grow faster, it is the extra double at the end that will make all the difference in your future.

I am a college student where do I find money to save?

Change in attitude, actions and discipline

Small savings add up!

I don’t have any money to save –I am here to tell you – YES YOU DO! Everyone believes you have the $ - every one is asking for it – every store, advertisement and restaurant - ask for your money and you give it to them willing……

Let me give you some examples of ways to start to save without big changes in your lifestyle…….

Buy in bulk – water, soda, energy bars, chips – when you buy from a vending machine or convenience store you are paying at least 3 times as much
Make coffee at Home
Eat at home – cheaper and healthier
Go to library – borrow DVDs, video games, books and magazines- the amount of $ spent on those items with your generation is staggering – and they are available for FREE

Make a journal of every penny you spend in the next week – and look for ways to save $1 -5 dollars a day.

Small changes everyday will make the difference in your future. If you believe when you make more money you will save – you are kidding yourself – YOU have to make it a way of life regardless of your income.

When I speak at universities I give everyone a million dollar bill and I ask them to put it in their wallet so when they go to buy something –and they see the million dollar bill - ask themselves am I getting closer or further from my goal. All I am asking is be conscience when spending money.

You will be surprised that the quality of your life does not change with these small steps but the size of your bank account will.

These actions will provide you with options, freedom and financial success!

Good luck society members

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