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06 December 2008

More Books and Blogs... Winter or Vacation Reading

There are alot of creative individuals and many ways to spend your time and money. I have a friend that swears she will never pay for shampoo again and will never pay more than 25 cents for a tube of name brand tooth paste. She has coupons down to a science - and actually donates many of the items she gets for free.

I know people that recycle everything from bread bags to sour cream containers. I don't mean recycle in the terms we think of today - I mean reuse until it falls apart. Clorox wipes for them is a bucket of water with Lysol and a rag they can wash and reuse. Streak free window washer -not needed - use a newspaper to wash the windows. Messy for you but you get spotless glass.
Now me I have to admit I have gotten soft over the years. Working full time, raising kids, traveling to check on parents and grandparents - it is easy to become part of the disposable society. Well being committed to your generation I will have to make many many changes as I an quitting my full time job to spend all my time trying to educate you. So it will be back to cooking at home the majority of time, clipping coupons, backgammon tournaments at home vs going out to a movie, putting away all credit cards and going to cash only system, using the library all the time, dropping blockbuster mail movies - okay you get the point.

Many people think I am insane giving up a good paying secure job to speak at colleges and universities but I believe knowledge is power and if you have the information - you will make good choices. So in the spirit of my need for change I have a few books and blogs to suggest.
It is amazing how creative people can be - it just takes discipline.

Mary Hunt is a newspaper columnist with a web page/blog - Debt-Proof Living. If you are interested she will send an email everyday with a tip for cheapskate living.

Humorous and fun book by Jeff Yeager. The Ultimate Cheapskate.

A really committed family to living frugal while maintaining a good quality of life turned to NY Times best selling book. America's Cheapest Family.

Freakonomics - A rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything. Chapter 1- Discovering cheating as applied to teachers and sumo wrestlers.

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell is a book about change. Read the Q & A with the author. Society and behavior is always a source of interest.
Lastly, Fire Finance is a blog that lists numerous freebies. It saves you time and if it is a product you could use or donate - it is fun. They also had an interesting blog on a rentometer to see if your paying a reasonable amount for your area. Pretty cool stuff.

I will get back to the different investment options and explain the types of retirement savings options that are available. Time is on your side and with the market down - it is the time to start saving for your future.

Stay tuned.........

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M said...

One more book for your list: Good to Great by Jim Collins. This is my favorite business book ever. Its not about investing, but I would definitely recommend it for anybody entering the corporate world.

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