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23 December 2008

Pets - Can You Afford One?

Pets - adorable, cuddly, cute, slithery, skittish, and lovable. During the holidays many of you will receive a pet as a gift or decide it is time to add a new member to your homes. I am a huge animal lover and we have had numerous pets through the years. If you decide to add a pet to your family - realize it is a financial commitment and you need to be able to afford to take care of all the animals needs, it is also a lifestyle decision and changes will have to be made in your life to take care of them. Whatever pet you pick - enjoy and have fun.

My tips as you pick a pet...

1. Think of your lifestyle - Dogs as wonderful as they are they take alot of commitment. You have to make sure you schedule your life around taking care of them. They need to be let out and exercised on a regular basis. Depending on the size they can be quite expensive to feed, need training and remember to consider cost of vet bills. If treated well and trained - can be a life long friend.

2. Cats have a bad rap as being independent and not very social. This has not been our experience. Our cats are very cuddly and want to be a part of EVERYTHING we do! Before deciding on a cat - again you need to consider your lifestyle. They are less work on a daily basis than a dog as they have litter boxes and you can leave food/water for them for a few days if necessary. The cost of food and vet bills need to be considered. Cats will play and lay in your lap and love to be petted. They become very attached to their owners.

3. Hermit crabs, snakes, spiders, lizards etc are interesting pets. Make sure you understand the environment they need to live in and what to feed them.

4. Hamsters, gerbils, and guinea pigs are pretty low maintenance - however if you don't keep the cages clean - it will smell and obviously is not good for the animal. Their life expectancy is shorter than dogs and cats - so consider that as well. Hamsters and gerbils live to escape - love running on a wheel and are skittish. Guinea pigs love to be held and snuggle and are less active.

If you have more than one pet make sure they are compatible. Also, please be responsible get the appropriate shots and have your animals spayed and neutered - there are millions of animals without homes and we do not need to add to that problem. Most shelters will assist with the cost.

Pets can add such joy and happiness to your life - enjoy!

Stay tuned.......

1 comment:

J said...

You are not kidding about the cost!! It can be pricey!! But for all the love and laughter they bring into our home it is WORTH it!
This coming from someone with 4 cats and a dog and always room for just one more.....

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