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05 December 2008

Financial Friday

Once again more of the same, volatile markets, bad economic news, more layoffs and concerns about consumer spending. So rather than dwell on the negative I thought I would give a few links to charities that could use your help this year.

Throughout the years our family has given back to our community in numerous ways, from volunteering at a soup kitchen, walking dogs at a local homeless shelter that housed them, made bags with hats, scarfs, gloves and food for homeless individuals in our area, went to local nursing homes and spent time with the residents that didn't receive many visitors, and went to an orphanage and donated toys. We have also worked with Habitat for Humanity, Cardiostart International and many other groups that reach out to assist others in need. We are very grateful for our health, education, family and friends and believe everyone should be treated with dignity and respect.

Do you have a coat you aren't using? There are many people who could use one.
One Warm Coat will give coats to a person in need free of charge. Click on the link to find a donation drop in your area.

Vietnam Veterans of America will pick up your used clothing, furniture, baby items, shoes, toys and much more. Click on the link and set up a pick up for your non needed items that could change another persons life.

While most of us are thinking about what we want that would make our lives more enriched - there are kids fighting for their lives. St. Judes Children's Research Hospital offers products many are designed by the children and the proceeds go back to St. Judes for research.

One in eight Americans is fighting hunger. Feeding America serves many communities. You can click on the link and at the top of the page click on Find a food bank. If there is one near you they will list food drives and what you can do for your local community.

The Giving Spree is offering the book Santa goes Green for 20% off the list price while donating a portion of the proceeds to Polar Bears International and Habitat for Humanity.

Another idea is watch your local news station throughout the holiday season. They will normally give locations of reputable charities in your area. Be care not to give your credit card number over the telephone as there are many scam artists out at this time of the year.

If you or your family is in need - please accept the help that is available and if you are able to give back - please do. It can be by donating time, talents, recycled items or cash donations.

Stay tuned...........

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