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06 November 2008

The World is Watching......

The election is over and the American people have overwhelming voted for CHANGE. Let's hope the politicians here our voices and start to work together and fix some of the issues we are all facing. With change comes - discipline, open mindedness, and cooperation.

The challenge to our politicians is the same one Generation Millionaire asks of you. To really make a change - it starts with putting your ego aside and making a conscious choice everyday.

Do I need or just want what I am spending my money on?
Does my purchase fit into my value system or get me closer to my goals?Is this instant gratification which will not make an impact on my life? or actually may hurt my financial future?

Generation Millionaire - Wisdom beyond your years... Be the role model the world needs.

Start saving now - it is NEVER to early.

Pay yourself first always........ life on 10 -15% less than you actually gross and contribute to your employer plan, an IRA or savings account until you are eligible.

Debt is a trap - pay cash for your purchases. Once you start the credit card trap - and carry a balance it is an endless cycle of paying interest and being burdened by stress for things you probably really didn't need. A recent study showed that Americans spend $1.22 for every $1.00 they earn. This is a problem and one you want to avoid.

I went to a presentation on bankruptcy on Monday night and will do a blog on their organization. This group is made of bankruptcy attorneys and they are trying to help young adults avoid the debt trap with education. Care Program

Start with these simple changes and as your savings grow talk with a financial advisor and get it invested into a well allocated portfolio that matches your risk tolerance and time frame.

You can always send me a comment or email and I am happy to address any concerns or celebrate your success.

Remember to go to the contest post and submit your ideas! The deadline is Nov 16th You can win a free Chipotle card.

Stay tuned........

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