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28 November 2008

Financial Friday - What Happened?

What should have been a fun filled shopping spree for some turned to disaster at 2 stores and I am sure there were many scraps at others. My questions to all of you is......Are things that important to you? If you were the first one at a store waiting to get in for a great deal and people started to push or try to get in front of you - what would you do? It is the same question as when someone takes a parking spot you were waiting for. How do you react?
Who do you want to be?

I have been up half the night thinking about the 34 year old WalMart Worker who was trampled to death by an over zealous crowd - drugged by the idea of a good deal. First off my sympathy to the family. My heart goes out to your family and I am sorry for our society and what we have become.

So who's fault is it?

The media for over hyping the deals on Friday and ignoring Thanksgiving and all the reasons for the holidays in December. As well as continuing to encourage the culture of things.

The stores for only having a few of the special priced items to lure thousands of consumers to their stores in the middle of the night and creating a sense of panic to get to the few cherished prizes on sale. Not having a system to organize the mass crowds waiting to get for the handful of bargains.

The shoppers for letting their emotions take over any sense of reason. To literally put themselves and others at risk to save a few dollars on something they could live without.

I have told my kids their entire lives it only takes a second to change your life and that of others. Stay alert or leave when a situation could easily turn out badly. I called it the Princess Diana moment. Had she just walked upstairs to a suite in the hotel she was at - she may still be alive. She seemed to have gotten caught in the energy of all the people around trying to "protect" her and ended up in a horrible situation. Stay aware of your energy - and decisions.

I just ask that all of you decide what type of society you want to live in and be the role models that we so desperately need. Constantly review your actions and ask yourself is this what I value?

Enjoy shopping for your holiday gifts, make it a family event and put thought into what others would really enjoy or need. It should be a wonderful heart felt time of the year. Please stay safe and embrace those you care about.

Stay tuned......

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