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27 November 2008

Time for Gratitude!

I love Thanksgiving - it is probably my favorite holiday. No big hype, kinda gets lots between Halloween and all the December holidays. It is not about what football game is on or if the turkey is dry.

For me, it is a time to remember and be thankful. We take for granted all our rights, freedoms, and choices. We forget not everyone in the world has access to good medical care, food, water, and the basic necessities. I volunteer for a group called Cardiostart - they go around the world and teach very basic open heart surgery to third world countries. I have a connection to this group for 2 reasons -

1. If i didn't live in this country I would have died 35 years ago.
2. I am trained as a ECG/Monitor Tech from when I was much younger

When I realized kids and adults were dying from a medical procedure we have been doing for 50 years - I was disheartened, outraged and sad. And decided to use my time and energy to assist them. My point in telling you all this - is we very fortunate to live in the United States. When you have everything at your finger tips it is easy to realize not everyone has the same options.
I love Thanksgiving - for me it is a day to reflect and think about what I will do in the upcoming year to help others that are less fortunate.

We wish you and your family a very healthy, safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Stay tuned.........

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