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19 November 2008

Ways to Ruin Your Credit......

What is all the talk about credit? It seems to be all the buzz. So what can you do to protect yourself from making some common mistakes that could take you years to undo.

Top 10 Mistakes

1. Accept all the preapproved credit card offers you receive and open in store credit cards to save 10% on a purchase.

2. Buy everything you want on credit- spend more than you make or can pay each month.

3. Pay your bills late or miss a payment if money is tight.

4. Let your accounts go to collection. Ignore creditors.

5. Close credit cards account soon after opening them.

6. Max out your credit cards - use every bit of credit given to you.

7. Co-sign for other people to get credit or let others use your cards.

8. Mismanaging student loan money.

9. Not having a budget.

10. Not getting and reviewing your free credit report every year.

In the next few posts I will discuss what a credit score is , what is credit and ways to establish and maintain good credit. By being responsible with your credit - it can lower interest rates on loans, give you opportunity for home or car ownership, obtain employment, and on a personal note it makes you a more desirable partner, less stressed out when the phone rings or the mail arrives, and a feeling of self respect.

Stay tuned......

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