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26 November 2008

Beware of Black Friday!!

Wow, I thought after the election the onslaught of targeted commercials would come to end. I was mistaken. The marketers are in an all out battle for your business. It will be survival of the most creative marketers. My thoughts to you.........

There will be amazing deals this year. Yahoo has what they feel are the 10 ten best deals. However, most people believe that the deals will get better closer to Christmas. Friday stores will have door busters to try and get you into the store in hopes you will buy other things.
Make a list of who you are buying for and how much you are going to spend. (hopefully, in cash). When you buy for that person - stop and move on to the next. No adding another gift because it is a great deal.

Spend more on one gift than another person gets a less expensive gift. Stay on your budget.

No impulse buys - that is the marketers whole goal in life.

I received one of those emails that friends and family fill in things about themselves. One of the questions was - Favorite Christmas or Holiday gift. Ready - most people do not remember!! Next question what do you want for the holidays this year? 100% said - family to be healthy or spend more time with friends and family. It has nothing to do with things.

Depending on the person's financial situation - you may want to get practical gifts - money is tight everywhere. Items they may need through the winter, stamps to pay bills, gift card for groceries may relieve some stress.

If getting gift cards check to be sure the store isn't closing. There are 100's of stores closing - you do not want your gift to be useless. So buyer beware.
Lastly, if you go battle the crowds in search of amazing deals - have fun.
Picture from Etsy.
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