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14 November 2008

Financial Friday

I thought a little humor would be good today. Given the markets have been insanely volatile, the economic report for many stores is grim - except for Walmart - who had a profit in Q3.

CNN had an article from Steve Almond on not spending money for seven days. It is very humorous but gives a good perspective on not being cheap -- but realizing how much money we spend a week unconsciously.

As the holiday season fast approaches us - it would be a good time to set a specific amount of money you will spend. Then break it down by person. Write down each purchase and if you go over on one person than another person gets less. This is no time to create debt.

Marketplace has a story about buyer's remorse and the insurgence of people returning recent purchases. It is a backwards way to the same result of Generation Millionaire. They make an impulse purchase get home and realize they don't really need it and return it. Do that a couple times and your habits start to change!

There have been some wonderful low cost ideas on the comments from the contest. Go back and read through those and get creative. I think the lesson from the contest is the best memories are free - they require time and attention to detail.

Have a safe weekend.

Stay tuned......

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j said...

Love that article on returning merchandise. Fascinating phenomenon- circular shopping. I can't believe our culture is THAT addicted to purchasing material goods that they derive a 'high'from the relief of returning the items as well as purchasing them. This is truly a symptom of our addiction and (of course) subsequent dependence on material goods. Frightening!! Keep working to fight this trend and save this new set of consumers from this TRAP by teaching them to spend wisely and save for the future! No need to return when the $$ is there and the item is well-thought out.

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