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11 November 2008

Contest Deadline on the Horizon - Nov 16th, 2008

I want to thank everyone for all the submissions thus far on the blog and via email. I will announce on Monday Nov 17th the 2 winners and request your info so I can mail them to you.

With all the thinking about saving money, meaningful gifts and the holidays. It brought back one of my most memorable experiences. It was with my younger sister who is 13 years than me - we lived in the same town and spent alot of time together. She really didn't need anything so on her birthday. I used one of my vacation days (which is a huge deal in my world) and surprised her and we drove to all the Graeter's Ice Cream shops in our area for a free ice cream cone. We spent the entire day driving around the city trying different flavors.

It is a little pricey so we never try any new flavors because we love it and always have a taste for the Black Raspberry Chip. But by having a day of free ice cream we went crazy trying different flavors all over the city. It was so much fun and all it cost me was time and gasoline.

Another great memory on the same lines was with my son Bradley - it was when McDonald's had the tiny beanie babies. There was one he still needed - we spent an entire day driving from McDonald's to McDonald's until we achieved our goal of finding the missing animal. That was 15 years ago and it is still one of our favorite memories. Again, it cost $3.00 for the happy meal, time and gas. The time with my sister and son are priceless.

I wish you all such experiences in your life...... Money can not buy those type of memories.

Please continue to submit your comments until Nov 16th. I know you all have meaningful stories and ideas. We would love to hear them.

Stay tuned..........

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