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18 November 2008

University of Cincinnati and Ohio State University Presentations

Exciting news.... I will be presenting at the University of Cincinnati on January 27, 2009 for the Business School and at The Ohio State University on February 9th, 2009.

Generation Millionaire is spreading. We have young adults all over the country and quite a few countries around the world reading and responding to the blog. Please continue to share the blog with your friends. Knowledge is power and creates financial and mental freedom - which ultimately creates options!
I want to thank both schools for offering this opportunity to their students. The information can change their lives by understanding the basic principles of time over money, paying oneself first, debt is a trap, living under ones financial means instead of above, asset allocation, compounding and the rule of 72, and the biggest investment mistakes.
I have quite a few pending presentations I will continue to share the schools and organizations as they become definite.
I have not forgotten we will discuss credit mistakes.........
Stay tuned....................

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