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03 June 2009

Motivational Monday - Presented to National Society of Leadership and Success

Below is a presentation I did recently - it is a great reminder of the basic values of Generation Millionaire.

I am here to tell young adults something no one else is telling them - I travel the country to educate, inspire and empower young adults on the new financial language and steps young adults can take to be financially successful in the future.

Today I want to cover the:
New reality of financial planning
How money grows
Where is the $ so they can start saving today!


You have to save for your own retirement
No longer do we have guaranteed income streams (pensions continue to disappear and social security is unstable at best)

This generation will need to make conscience decisions with their money while planning for their futures. It is about getting to a balanced lifestyle and a balanced reality.

The issue for young adults is – if they want to retire at age 65 or even 70, where is the money coming from for them to live on?

It comes down to THEIR ability to save money NOW.

Sounds Grim – not for Society Members listening today! You will have the knowledge and education to do something about it. Hang with me – I am getting to the golden egg that is in front of you.

You have something that most people do not have at this point – TIME

Time is what makes the difference in how money grows.


If John saved $3000 a year from age 20 to age 30, (total savings $30K) or
Sarah saved $3000 a year from age 30 -70, (total savings $120k) – who will have more money for retirement given an 8% return?

John would have about 1 million dollars – contributed only 30k of his money, only saved for 10 years but started at age 20

Sarah would have about 800k – she contributed 120,000 of her money and saved for 40 years. Yet ends up with $200k less

John was more successful because of the time!

Penny example…….If i offered you 1 penny a day and doubled it everyday for 31 days or offered you a check for $50,000 - what would you take? Most people want to grab the $50,000 but realize there must be a catch so they take the penny offer - and that would be the correct choice. On the 31st day - I would give you a check for over 10 million dollars.

The reason I give this example is I want to show you an accelerated view of how money grows, starts out slow –1, 2, 4, 8 as it builds momentum it is like a snowball going down a hill – it starts to get bigger and grow faster, it is the extra double at the end that will make all the difference in your future.

I am a college student where do I find money to save?

Change in attitude, actions and discipline

Small savings add up!

I don’t have any money to save –I am here to tell you – YES YOU DO! Everyone believes you have the $ - every one is asking for it – every store, advertisement and restaurant - ask for your money and you give it to them willing……

Let me give you some examples of ways to start to save without big changes in your lifestyle…….

Buy in bulk – water, soda, energy bars, chips – when you buy from a vending machine or convenience store you are paying at least 3 times as much
Make coffee at Home
Eat at home – cheaper and healthier
Go to library – borrow DVDs, video games, books and magazines- the amount of $ spent on those items with your generation is staggering – and they are available for FREE

Make a journal of every penny you spend in the next week – and look for ways to save $1 -5 dollars a day.

Small changes everyday will make the difference in your future. If you believe when you make more money you will save – you are kidding yourself – YOU have to make it a way of life regardless of your income.

When I speak at universities I give everyone a million dollar bill and I ask them to put it in their wallet so when they go to buy something –and they see the million dollar bill - ask themselves am I getting closer or further from my goal. All I am asking is be conscience when spending money.

You will be surprised that the quality of your life does not change with these small steps but the size of your bank account will.

These actions will provide you with options, freedom and financial success!

Good luck society members

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