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20 June 2009

Raccoon Saga and Savng Money

Wow, we have had an interesting couple of days........ I was sitting in my screened in porch with my mother in law and thought hmmmm her stomach is really loud - so i asked her if she was hungry. She laughed and said she thought it was me. In the meantime my cat - is getting in the hunter mode and pacing.

I realize something is living under my deck which is only about 4 inches from the ground. My husband Robert calls critter getters - they want $200 to set a trap and $40 for any animal they catch. We decide to attempt the capture on our own. We borrow two heart smart cages and set them up by the deck. Here is what we caught the first evening....... 2 adult raccoons. Robert transports them to a friends house with 10 acres and releases them back into the wild.

FYI - Raccoons carry many diseases and rabies. If you are not comfortable dealing wild animals - hire someone to catch them for you. If you are comfortable and have the correct equipment you can save money and move the animal to a better location for them and you!

Stay tuned for the continued raccoon saga - it is not close to being over yet...

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