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07 June 2009

Summer Fun Ideas

School's out, the weather is beautiful, you are feeling free from stress and want to have some fun! You don't need to have alot of money to enjoy the summer. There are so many free or very low cost events going on in most regions.

Check out your local parks - many times they offer classes or free hikes. Normally, the have hiking or bike trails, may have lakes to rent paddle boats or fishing boats, and have experienced rangers that can assist in telling you what all the parks in the area offer.

Read your community newspaper - in our area one of the local communities has an outdoor movie once a month - grab a blanket, some snacks and watch a movie under the stars.

Festivals are synonymous with summer - great way to learn about different cultures and foods, just make sure you have a limit on what you spend - it is easy to spend alot of money going from booth to booth tasting great foods and drinks.

If you live near a lake or ocean - it is free to go hang out in the sand, take your own cooler of food and drinks, grab the sun screen and relax.

In your own backyard - have friends over for a cookout, have everyone bring something to keep costs down, you can play
bocce ball, croquet, volleyball, cards, water balloon fight, or corn hole (a Cincinnati game).

The key is to be with people you enjoy and be in the moment. If you have other ideas please share your ideas --

Stay tuned.....

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