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09 June 2009

Tuesday's Tips

Happy June everyone! We're 1/3 of the way through the month and almost 1/2 way through the year! Holy cow does time pass quickly or what? Anyway, my tips this week are geared toward enjoying the summer in a fiscally responsible way. This will add a bit to what Stephenie blogged about a couple days ago.

1) See cheaper movies! Everyone knows the biggest Hollywood films come out in the summer, but that doesn't mean you have to pay through the nose to see them. A couple of options include seeing movies at a $1 theater. Most cities have a $1 theater, or something similar, and they usually include movies that have been out for a month or longer. So if you want to see a movie, but can wait a little bit, go to the $1 theater and see it. This will also allow you to purchase a snack and/or drink because you didn't have to pay $10 to see it on the opening weekend. There are also drive-in movie theaters that usually show first run movies. This is a great way to catch 2 movies and get to enjoy the weather. My girlfriend, about 6 friends, and I went to the drive-in this past weekend and saw 2 movies for $8, which is cheaper than seeing 1 movie at the local AMC. Plus you can bring food and drinks to the drive-in, which also saves on the cost of movie snacks!

2) Go to some baseball games! Again this can be a great way to enjoy the weather, get some entertainment, and not break the bank all at the same time. Most cities have a baseball team, major or minor league, or a team in close proximity, so why not go out and root them on? Cheap seats usually cost around $5, and you get 3-4 hours of entertainment and great weather (weather permitting)! So make it really fun, invite a bunch of friends, and have everyone paint letters on their chest to spell out something cool. Maybe you'll all make the jumbotron screen or even the local TV broadcast! Wouldn't that be a fun story to tell at parties?

Also, please read or re-read Stephenie's blog once you finish mine to get even more great summer ideas. And remember, just because it's hot outside it doesn't mean your money needs to burn a hole in your pocket.

I'm on a 168 hour break, so until then Stay Tuned...

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