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29 May 2009

New York City on a Dime

A spontaneous moment landed me in NYC for a Book Expo this week. I found so many exciting opportunities that were either free or very low cost while embracing the wonderful energy of the city!

First upon arrival in
Laguardia International Airport we took the M60 bus to the subway right into Manhattan - total cost $2.00 per person! The time it took was no different than a cab and possibly shorter if traffic is bad.

Hotel Deauville was an amazing little brownstone in the East Village. It was $99 a night with a private bathroom. It has a very European feel - reminded me alot of Amsterdam. The front desk staff was fabulous, it was very safe and felt more big city than a chain hotel. The rooms were modest, clean, flat screen TV and great access to all the cool little areas - SOHO, Chinatown, Little Italy. Great location to subway. I will definitely be staying there in the future.

You can easily spend a day walking thru all the different little areas of culture. East Village, SOHO, Little Italy, Chinatown, Tribeca, Little Korea, Greenwich, Chelsea etc. They all are unique windows into culture, great deals, galleries, food, and rich in experiences.

Free Concerts all summer - Central Park -

River to River NYC -

Hudson River Park -

Time Square was so cool. As of Memorial Day they have opened an area like a Piazza in Europe where you you sit, stroll and enjoy the area. We sat in lawn chairs (provided by city of New York) for hours watching the people, sights and just being in the moment at such an inspiring place.

Ellen's Stardust Diner - up and coming Broadway stars serve you food while entertaining you. Amazing talent, a little pricey but go in and split a meal or get coffee and dessert - you will have so much fun and way cheaper than an actual show if your budget is tight!

Donut Plant - Worth going to check out! They have homemade donuts using their homemade jelly. Cake and yeast are both amazing. My favorite donut- yeast glazed raspberry.

oodburger - lives up to it's name. Bring back memories of Keenan and Kel - "Welcome to good burger, home of the good burger, can I take your orrrrder?"

Vendor carts all over the city with very inexpensive yet yummy - bagels, hot dogs, giant pretzels, chestnuts, and drinks. Save time and money by keeping nourished while venturing thru all areas of NYC.

JetAmerica - Coming in July for specific cities - $9 flights into Newark New Jersey - great location for flying into for NYC.

You can live your dreams, passions and adventures - it just takes a little planning, choices and commitment but there is no reason you can not travel the world while saving for your future and living within your financial means - and have the best time of your life while doing both!
Pictures to follow

Stay tuned..........


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great post!

Generation Millionaire said...

Thanks for the comment - it was a a really fun trip!

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