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12 June 2009

Help - I need to keep my student loans low!

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Well, my son graduated from Ohio State University this year and will be going to Ecuador to learn spanish this summer! He will then return to OSU and join their Pharmacy graduate program.

I want to talk about student loans - for my son Brad - the amount of money he will owe in student loans is like the national debt. However, he will come out in a field that is in demand and from all accounts will be for quite some time.

So the return for him will be great. If he continues to live a little above his college lifestyle when he graduates - he should be able to pay off his loans with ease.

Something to think about -
What is the entry level salary?
How much will you need to borrow to get thru school?
How many years will it take you to pay it back?

As important as it is to live your live with dreams and passion - you don't want to start out with so much debt that you are strapped for 20 years.

Ideas to keep loans to a minimum...
Start at a community college and transfer to a 4 year school.
Live at home to keep costs down - whether for 1 year or the entire time in school.
Work part time while going to school as long as you can keep your grades up.
Apply for scholarships.

If you can study hard for 4 or 5 years, keep costs down, and end up with a degree that is in demand and will make you happy - the next 50 years are much easier.

You have alot to think about while planning for the next adventure in your life - I just want the final adventure from age 23 - ??? to be as stress free as possible! Good luck!

Stay tuned......

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