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28 June 2009

Live your Best Life!

What a week in the news! Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett's untimely deaths have been a reminder to all of us - that your life can change in a split second. Farrah had been battling cancer for the past 3 years and lost that battle - despite all the best medical care in the world and the money to go after it.

Michael, well we aren't sure yet - is it just a sad reminder of how vulnerable we are or mismanagement of prescription drugs? Which is a national epidemic - we only hear about it when a celebrity dies an untimely death.

Regardless of why - the fact remains the same. They are gone.

Lessons hopefully learned when a tragedy occurs:

1. Am I living my best life?
2. Am I in a rut and just going through the motions - if so it is time to reevaluate and change
3. Is my estate in order - have a WILL made now - will make sure your wishes are carried out.
4. What is really important and am I living my values?
5. Am I spending time with people I love?

My entire life changed the day my 34 year old cousin was killed in a motorcycle accident. A few days after his accident I was driving to work and I thought "Wow, it would really suck if one of these semi's crashed into my car and killed me - not because I would die - but because I was going to a job that was sucking the life out of me. I wasn't happy - I just liked the security. At least my cousin was doing what he loved.

At that point I created Generation Millionaire and took a giant risk and left my very secure job. My income has changed but my level of happiness has increased 100%! I am doing something that will help and change your generation. I am living my passion and believe I am making a difference.

Live your best live everyday!

Stay tuned.....

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