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07 July 2009

Tuesday's Tips

Hi everybody (hi Dr. Nick!)...Today's tips are, once again, drawn from my real experiences, but they are geared toward saving your sanity more so than money.

1) Every 6 months or so, go through your clothing and purge! This comes up because my girlfriend just got a new job that requires her to dress business professional. That means she had to go get some new jackets because her last job was business casual dress. Well our closet had no room to begin with, so we decided that it was time to go through our belongings and get rid of some stuff. We spent about 3 hours going through everything in our closet and both dressers, but we got rid of a ton! It amounted to a few sweaters, some fleeces, a bunch of t-shirts, a bunch of jeans and khakis, and even some nicer dress clothing. All in all I think we purged about 50 items and everything we kept fits way better in the allotted space. We're going to donate the clothing we no longer need to
Goodwill, AMVETS, or another organization that helps the community. And if you're anything like me you feel 1,000,000 times better when your room and belongings are no longer cluttered. And we get to help people in the process. Double bonus!

2) Go out for a nice dinner once every month or so. In celebration of my girlfriends new job we went out for a nice dinner at the restaurant of her choice (she chose a Japanese Steakhouse). We've been saving so the high price for our night out didn't even bother us (it wouldn't have bothered us anyway because we were celebrating, but if we just wanted to go out it wouldn't have bothered us either). Saving is great, but every so often it's refreshing to go out for a nice evening and not look at the price of each item to determine if it's worth the extra $2 to get a steak instead of chicken. Just go out for your sanity's sake and enjoy a fun evening.

Now that my sanity has been refreshed I can begin my journey back to the land of the insane! Then in a couple months I'll start this process over. I'm on a 168 hour break, so until then Stay Tuned...

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