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08 July 2009

$ Matters with Mary

Welcome to $ Matters. I recently took an 11 day car trip w/my husband, Gary, and 2 sons – Bob age 25, and Harry age (almost) 23. Yes… we are Mary, Gary, Bob & Harry. How we ended up w/this rhyming family moniker will be reveled in a future edition.

I am writing this feature for my sister Stephenie’s blog is simple. First – she is a terrific sister and I believe in her mission. Secondly, I am really proud of her for helping young people (and old people like me!) grasp the concept of how money works in easy to understand terms.

While I was on this recent adventure I kept thinking, I have to tell Stephenie of all the ways we’re doing extremely fun and cool things that did not cost a lot of $. Instead of me relaying to her all our travel deals to share w/you – we’ve eliminated the middleman and I will tell you myself.

The overriding theme of our trip was how many fun things you can do Inexpensively. The 4 of us traveled from our home in North Carolina to Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Fair Oaks, IN, Chicago, Milwaukee, South Bend, IN, Sandusky, OH, Lorain, OH & Cleveland. I will share the cool things we found along the way and how to save money while having the time of your life.

So look for me in this spot soon!

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