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16 July 2009

$ Matters with Mary

Photo from Great American Ball Park Website.

The Trip Begins……

Despite its name, I’ve learned that Generation Millionaire isn’t just about $. It’s a philosophy about how to balance your life by managing your financial future along with finding time and money for fun.

Last week I mentioned that we (Mary, Gary, Bob & Harry) took an 11 day, 7 state vacation. Along the way we found all kinds of interesting things to do. Some were insanely expensive (baseball game at Wrigley Field) to fabulous free food at a Greek Festival.

Our lodging ranged from free – staying with family, to moderate – rented a condo for 3 days, to outrageous – staying at the on-site hotel at the amusement park so we could get in an hour early.

Over the next several weeks I will chronicle what we did, what it cost and what we learned while traveling with our 20-something boys. The best part is no matter where you live or how much $ you make - you can have fun, go on inexpensive yet unique adventures and dates, and find a balance in your life.

Destination: Cincinnati, OH
457 miles – 8 hours driving time

I was really able to enjoy this trip because we had budgeted and saved money for the trip. By planning ahead we were able to find good deals on hotels, (check out Stefan’s Tuesday’s Tips for some great ideas), tickets, and things to do.
What we LOVED about Cincinnati. First we have family there so food and lodging were free. Big Savings. We celebrated birthdays, a graduation, and Father’s Day all in one. Don’t underestimate family gatherings for fun and memories.

Then there is BASEBALL. Cincinnati is a great place to attend a game. We were blown away by how affordable it was. There were 17 of us (I think – with a big family you lose count and on occasion a person or two.) Between us we found parking for $3 to $10. Tickets were $7! We were in the bleachers - took up 3 rows and had a grand time. Food and drinks are not cheap but at Great American Ball Park they let you bring in snacks. How great is that for saving $? We went to a discount store bought potato chips, cookies, and a huge bag of peanuts which we divided into individual bags.

At the end of every Friday home game there is a fireworks show. Show isn’t the right word – it was an Extravaganza! Honestly it was the best fireworks display I had ever seen. I kept thinking if I lived in Cincinnati and wanted to go on an inexpensive and entertaining date – I would go to Great American Ballpark. You guys are so lucky.

What about your city? I’d love to hear about things you have done and good places to go for an inexpensive date in your area. Send them to: Put $ Matters by Mary in the subject line. Or Twitter me at

Next week – Indianapolis, Fair Oaks, and maybe Chicago.

Looking for more fun until next time........

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