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12 July 2009

Challenge - Find and Send Free Offers

A really fun thing happened this week and it saved us money! My sister Mary sent our family an email with a free sandwich at Arby's.

All you have to do is sign up for Arby's extras and they send awesome deals to you.

Then my sister Dina sent us a deal from TGI Fridays for a buy one get one free entree. They also have a rewards program if you sign up you receive a free appetizer.

Then my son Stefan sent us McDonald's Free Mocha Latte on Mondays thru Aug 3rd.

My sister Vicki sent links to Restaurant Week for our individual cities. Just go to google and put in restaurant week and your city to see what deals are available. Also, check out to see all her amazing work and follow her blog.

It became an informal contest on who could find the best deal at places we would actually go! A deal is only a deal if it has value to you.

I am putting the challenge out to you and your friends and family - start paying attention to the deals (they are everywhere) and forward them to each other and ME! You can save so much money while still doing the things you love.

I have been posting the deals we find on

You work hard for you money - get the most from it.

Stay tuned....

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