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18 July 2009

Do Not Do This - Banks are not always your friend......

I am not a fan of check cashing services, rent to own, cash advance on your taxes, credit cards or direct deposits to banks.

The bank I primarily use started offering a service called EARLY ACCESS. You can get a cash advance on your direct deposit (prior to it hitting your account). The catch is they charge you $1 for every $10 dollars you take as an advance. That is 10% to get your money sooner rather than waiting for it to reach your account.

This is why it is imperative that you do not live pay check to pay check. That you have a money in your checking account to live on, an emergency savings, and long term savings.

These services or rip offs - will keep you from getting ahead. Review your spending, cut back and get a grip on your life or you will stay in this cycle of giving your money to people just to have access to it.

Stay tuned......

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