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31 March 2009

Reinvent Yourself with a Change in Attitude

Wow, it seems as if bad financial planning, greed, and lack of integrity are not going to be tolerated at least for the next four years! I say it is about time. So GenM it is time to get serious, roll up your sleeves and take a look at yourself and your financial choices.

This is an excellent opportunity to reinvent yourself...
You don't want to be General Motors, Chrysler or one of the banks in financial ruins. If I hear scale and profitability one more time I am going to scream. It is all talk no action.

How to reinvent yourself. First, you need to take assessment of where you really are. Do you like your life? If not, you may be spending money out of boredom or to increase your self worth. Find areas in your life that generate passion, creativity and motivation. Then spend more time doing those things. You could quite possibly create a career out of something you love.

At your current job - look for ways to stand out, maintain a great attitude and stay out of the office mumblings - they are career killers! Out perform others, that does not mean more hours - work smarter, be efficient, find ways to be valuable - ignore the sneers of co-workers who will try and make you feel like you re the enemy. If that happens - you know you are on the right track. People that succeed - are persistent, positive, flexible, creative and non conformers.

It is a change in attitude that makes all the difference. My sister Vicki of Look photography does a lot of volunteer work. She takes photos for an organization that helps families with dying children. All they want are beautiful photos with their children. She has been in some of the poorest sections of town, in the most desperate of situations and has witnessed more love and gratitude with true appreciation for what they have.

Life is not about money - it is about experiences. Treasuring each moment and making the most of it. Not sleep walking through your life but embracing it. While doing that - good decisions enhance the experience and give you more opportunity for living life to the fullest.

So as I have been repeatedly saying - small amounts of money over the long term will make you financially successful. If you start saving now - today - changing little habits - being aware of your choices - you may get a little surprise. You will start to notice other aspects of your life and really start living!

Stay tuned.......

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