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03 April 2009

What A Deal!

I have a friend who is an amazing couponer - she literally pays for only about 30% of her groceries, personal products and household supplies. Meaning if her bill is $100 - at the end she pays $30.00. So I asked for a few lessons and am sharing them with you.

First off, perimeter of grocery stores - will normally have manager specials - they are products that they are needing to move and start reducing. Yesterday, I bought a ton of organic products for 75% off. Fresh spinach, herbs, meats and milk! Did you know you can freeze milk........

She can get in and out of her grocery in 5 minutes - because she knows where to look. She may stop on her way to work and on the way home in the same day. And never buys anything other than the specials or what is on her list.

Great sites.... my penny pile - check out the free products. She also gives codes for free Redbox movies on certain days. I thought I was so clever using Redbox until she told me I was paying to much! Ha

Southern savers lists numerous printable coupons, store deals and lists upcoming ads.

Then came dinner - I was going to order a pizza from Donatos and did not have a coupon. She suggested searching Donatos coupons through google. Well I found a coupon for $3.00 off, when i called in the order I provided the code and viola - I saved the money!

Before you purchase anything - search the Internet for deals - you can save money on almost anything!

Stay tuned.......

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