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05 March 2009

Survive the Economic Downturn!

Wow, everyday it seems the news gets worse. Will GM survive, layoffs and more foreclosures.

CNN did an interview with a Great Depression Survivor who has had to go back to work at age 86! Due to higher cost of living from inflation.

Her interview is very insightful as to attitude and choices we make. Miss Elvira is an amazing women with a wonderful perspective on life.
There is also Clara the 91 year old great grandmother who gives cooking lessons on youtube. She is adorable and gives great tips as well.

We never know what is around the corner so your best bet is to prepare for the worst and plan for the best. By saving now and living below your financial means - you will be better prepared for the future.

I grew up in the late 60's and early 70's - times were tough. Inflation was at an all time high and income levels were low. We grew up with my mom - reusing bread bags, saved twisty ties, grew alot of our vegetables, stretched hamburger by adding bread or crackers in meatloaf, we ate alot of rice, pasta and potatoes, hand me down clothes, used furniture, cooked at home 99.9% of the time, used coupons all the time, watched for sales and shopped numerous stores to maximize savings, planned routes in the car to save gas, activities were free - went to parks, beach, roller skating and riding bikes in our neighborhood, birthday parties were at home with a few friends and made up games, board games with my siblings and making homemade cookies to name a few ways we lived.

We really need to get back to the basics - wants vs needs. It is actually a very fulfilling way to live because you are more in the moment and enjoying each other and nature! We never felt deprived and were very happy. Simpler times are really a gift.

Stay tuned......

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