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01 March 2009

Dig Out of Debt or Ways to Add to Savings......

The University of Cincinnati and Langley Air Force Base presentations were amazing! Excellent questions and lots of energy. Again, you have proved my belief - with knowledge you will make changes and plan responsibly for your futures!

Many of the questions revolve around lifestyle changes - so I thought I would throw out some cost cutting ideas - and ways to get better control of your spending. Also Zen Habits had an article on items to do during a bad economy.

Ways to cut costs and get control of your spending....
1. Write down every single penny you spend - track it for aleast 2 weeks.
2. Use cash - studies show you will spend 20% less a year - we hate to give up the green.
3. Use coupons and loyalty cards.
4. Compile gas perks and remember to use them to fill up!
5. Plan meals and go to the grocery only 1 time a week at the most.
6. Make a list when going to the grocery and stick to you it!
7. Cook at home - avoid fast food and eating out - it is expensive and less healthy.
8. Buy a case of water or soda -- buying one at a time is at least 4x more expensive.
9. Go to the library to rent movies vs buying or renting them.
10. Go to a park to hike, throw a Frisbee, have a picnic - it is free and good for you!

The key is to be conscious in your decisions. When we just swipe and go - it does not feel like real money that we are spending. Be alert to your habits. Once you change the habits - you will see that your overall quality of life really hasn't changed but your bank account will increase!

Stay tuned......

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