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27 March 2009

Free Stuff

Spring is here! The sun is out and I am feeling energized. I can not wait to get outside and soak up some of the sun.

Did you know the majority of Americans have a vitamin D deficiency? We have become so afraid of the sun and skin cancer that we have created another problem. Easy way to solve that problem and it is FREE.

---Grab a Frisbee, basketball, ball and glove, hiking shoes, gardening tools and go out either in early morning or after 4pm without sun screen for at least 15 minutes.

Other free stuff while helping others....

Many times when you volunteer with a group - they provide free food or T-shirts. You feel great about helping others and may get a bonus for your effort.

---Check out local needs - our township does a clean up day in the spring - that keeps our town safe and clean - but provides a ton of food and a free t shirt. Plus many times it will satisfy a requirement for school.

With the economic crisis more than ever - charities are needing help - you will gain more than you ever give - and help you realize how fortunate you are.

Look for all the cultural events in your area that can broaden your view of the world....

---Many museums are free on certain days or give huge student discounts.

---Plays, orchestras, and ballets normally provide huge discounts for students.

---Many cities have "Party in the Park" events all summer that are free, normally have a band and filled with energy.

---All spring, summer and fall are festivals - usually supporting a certain ethnic group, or cause - they can be very interesting. Just make sure you don't spend more than you can afford on the food stands - It is fun to try different things but have a specific amount of $ before you go. You do have the option of just walking around and soaking in the music and energy.

Stay tuned.......

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