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15 March 2009

Freedom and Options!

Since I resigned from my job at Fidelity Investments in January - I have been reevaluating many areas of my life. The big three - finances, health and relationships.

Warren Buffet has been able to maintain his values while being one of the richest people in the world. Check out his house.

Finances - Since we do not believe in debt - when we gave up 1/2 our income - it meant really evaluating our spending. So we started eliminating some of the extras: blockbuster on line, cut my cell phone minutes, eating at home or using buy one get one free entree coupons, travel, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, ordering books on line (sorry Amazon),

The good news and surprise. By changing our spending habits - we automatically improved our health and relationships. How? We are watching less TV - and playing alot of backgammon, going for walks, and working around our home. Less cell phone minutes is my favorite - I am not tied to the phone and feeling like I need to answer on the spot! I have time to hear myself think, take in nature or be present in the conversation I am having with people that are actually with me. Eating at home - way more healthy and much less expensive.

The other day I was thinking that TV that evening sucked -- and was on my way to blockbuster to rent a movie, (I do use RED BOX) but I was feeling like I should treat myself to a new release -- before I arrived at blockbuster - I turned around. The idea of spending almost $5 on a movie rental was more than I was willing to spend. I ended up spending time with my husband and reading a book that evening. Some great reads are....
Once you start to really be conscious with your spending - you will have moments like mine. Is this where I want to really spend my money!

Since my resignation almost 3 months ago - although we have less money - we are so much happier. We are working on Generation Millionaire and looking forward to many presentations across the country - simplified our lives but are much more in touch with what is important to us. I am also a believer in what you think you become. So I carefully watch my thoughts -- and work from a very positive approach to life,

The reason we can do this - is we did not live above our means, we saved for many years, lived under our means, so when our income changed - we could maintain our lifestyle. The beauty of my choices is I could choose to leave my job to pursue Generation Millionaire because we were not strapped by stress and debt. We have FREEDOM and OPTIONS!

Stay tuned........

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