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24 March 2009

Back from the APCA Conference!

Wow, what an energetic week we had - we were at the APCA conference - (Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities). Our goal was to meet as many people as possible, build relationships, and explain our mission, and gain exposure in hopes of presenting to as many young adults as possible!

It was our pleasure to talk with many of the Military personnel that attended - in hopes of bringing some entertainment, education, and fun to the troops.

We also spoke with many colleges and universities looking for the same. We would like to thank everyone that stopped by our booth and/or came to our showcase.

We did come away with a few fun low cost ideas for you!

1. Decorate your flip flops - that booth was a huge success. They had all colors of beads that you could string on and attach through the toe divider, and all kinds of little items you could attach. Check out our web page Generation Millionaire to see the photos.

2. Pot luck picnic or dinner - get a few friends and each person bring 1 item, this cuts down on the cost of getting together and is cheaper than eating out. For entertainment after - you can throw a Frisbee, play any game, go for a hike etc.

3. Learn a new skill - juggling, reading tarot cards, balloon animals. You will be a hit no matter where you go!

4. Organize your own boot camp - we all need more exercise. Make it fun while getting in shape.

All these ideas are free or close to it, all involve others and not sitting in front of a TV or video game. We need to live our lives and enjoy them........

Stay tuned....

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