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08 September 2009

Tuesday's Tips

Good afternoon millionaires! Time for another edition of Tuesday's Tips and today's tips come straight from this past holiday weekend.

1) Check out gas prices before leaving for a long trip. I'm talking about the city from which you are leaving, any cities you may pass through on the way to the destination, and the destination city. For some reason people, myself included, tend to get frustrated when they fill up the car with gas only to drive 10 miles down the highway and see that gas is $0.05 cheaper. In the end that only amounts to a $0.60 savings on a 12 gallon tank fill-up, but we still tend to get agitated. So instead of being frustrated, check out gas prices online before you head out for a trip. There are numerous websites where people post gas prices and they are usually updated throughout the day. So save yourself some hassle, some frustration, and some money by checking before you leave. You could also do it the old fashioned way by calling friends or family in the area to which you are traveling, but online works too (and can also be more accurate).

2) Don't be afraid to purchase cheaper buns or chips for a party. It is amazing how much it costs to buy some hot dogs, burgers, buns, chips, side dishes, condiments, and other party essentials for a cookout with friends and family. The first trip to the store can often cost more than $60-$70 and other trips will likely be made. So instead of buying the name brand of everything, save some cash by buying the store brand or generic brand. They taste the same and usually cost less. Trust me, when you're feeding 30 hungry people they won't care if the potato chip they're eating has a catchy jingle or slogan. It all tastes the same, and the reason they came is for the fun and atmosphere. So do yourself and your wallet a favor and save some money when it comes to party planning.

Well I hope everyone had as enjoyable a holiday weekend as I did. I only wish I would have gotten some more sleep, but isn't that what everyone says after a fun weekend? Please leave some comments about how you spend smart when it comes to party planning and road trips.

I'm on a 168 hour break, so until then Stay Tuned...

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Look Photography said...

If I am having 12 people (or less) I don't use paper products (paper plates, cups,etc). I use my fun colored dishes that I got from my mom. It saves me money, I help the environment, and it most definitely looks nicer.

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