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03 September 2009

$ Matters with Mary

Milwaukee – “B” Words
We are ready for Baseball! Before the game
Zim’s had a happy hour with half priced appetizers and drinks. That took care of dinner at a very affordable price. The Free shuttle bus back and forth to Miller Park was a hoot. Packed with young people, music, and a free cooler of water and soft drinks – this was more fun than anything we could have paid for. Because our hotel was within walking distance of Zim’s we could enjoy a couple of drinks and not worry about driving.

Life Tip - Always drink responsibly!
The game was between the Milwaukee Brewers and their rivals the Minnesota Twins. It was uncharacteristically hot and humid, (even for us and we are from North Carolina!) the stadium was full, the crowd was excited, and it made for Great Baseball. Our rule is unless the Cleveland Indians are playing – always root for the home team. Which we did – and they lost. But it was a great time and the fans were unfazed.

Besides baseball Milwaukee is known for the other “B” word – Beer. On a hot tip we took the
Lakefront Brewery Tour. The tour was $6 which included 4 beers and a free pint glass. How could you Not have fun? Our tour guide was one of the owners and obviously loved his job. We knew we could enjoy the tour because we were not driving. (See Life Tip above.)

Budget Tip –Milwaukee has a great public transit system. In the summer they have the Milwaukee Trolley Loop – which is FREE. It got us within a 10 (okay maybe 15) minute walk of the brewery. The driver and passengers were friendly, and the trolley was safe, clean, and FREE.

Next week – Last minute Milwaukee Tips and on to Notre Dame

Until then – I’m looking for fun and food in your city………………………….

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