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27 September 2009

$ Matters with Mary

Cedar Point – The Roller Coast Capital of the World
We made it! Out of the calm of Notre Dame we arrived at the action packed atmosphere of Cedar Point.
Since childhood, Gary’s dream was to stay at the Breakers Hotel.
The lure of staying at the Breakers Hotel is that it is part of Cedar Point. You walk to the park from the hotel – which is wonderful if you want to take a break during the day or drop off souvenirs. You also get to enter the park one hour earlier than the general public. No long lines!

Travel Tip: Know what you are getting for your money. There is nothing inexpensive about staying at the Breakers, but there are a variety of room rates to choose from. The least expensive room (summer time) we found was $169.00. However this was in the older section of the hotel. That is code for window air conditioners and no elevator. Window air conditioners are fine, but keep in mind that the lobby and halls are NOT air conditioned.

Knowing that Ohio can be hot and humid in the summer, we planned ahead and budgeted to stay in the newer section. The hotel offered package discounts as well as discounts on admission to the park.

Budget Tip: Check out the package deals and other discounts. You may spend more on lodging but save on other areas. It may not balance out exactly but you may be able to afford something nicer than you expected. Also if your schedule permits – traveling off season is WAY cheaper.

Cedar Point is unlike any other amusement park. It is all about the rides especially the roller coaster. The park boasts a world record 17 roller coasters of which 3 are rated in the top 10. It is a coaster lover's dream come true. Not a coaster fan? No worries! Cedar Point has Everything – carousels, thrill, spinning, tranquil, and children’s rides and a water park. For a separate fee there are go-karts, miniature golf, parasailing and jet skis.

Whether your “fun” budget is for a day or a week, if you plan right there is no reason not to have the ride of your life.

Next week – Lorain OH - International Festival and the Lighthouse

Until then – I’m looking for fun and food in your city………………………….

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