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10 September 2009

$ Matters with Mary

Milwaukee - Ghosts, Baseball, and Romance all in one location
Every city has its ghost stories and Milwaukee is no exception. But it was a surprise to us that the historic Pfister Hotel with its luxurious accommodations has spooked many Major League Baseball players.

According to the Associated Press Minnesota Twins outfielder, Carlos Gomez heard voices when he stayed there. Then his iPod went haywire after he got out of the shower, sending him scrambling for the lobby without his pants and shoes. “Everything’s scary,” Gomez said. “Everything in the hotel, the paintings and pictures, it’s a lot of old, crazy stuff. No good, man. No good.” San Francisco’s Pablo Sandoval and several Florida Marlins all say they’ve had odd experiences. One rookie ballplayer was so rattled by the mysterious opening of his blinds and window that he slept in the lobby the next night.
Allison Jornlin, who leads the haunted history tours for the Milwaukee Ghosts organization, said guests have reported seeing a “portly, smiling gentleman” roaming the halls and riding the elevator.

Inexpensive Date Tip - Whether you believe in ghosts or not for only $10 you can have a fun and unique evening on the Milwaukee Ghosts tours one and half hour tour.
Plus you will have new stories for the campfire.

Ghosts aside, for a more upscale end to the evening (and affordable) take the time to check out the Pfister Hotel. It is worth visiting for the architecture, art, and romance. Built in 1893 it was the most lavish hotel of its time. But you don’t have to pony up the $169 (and up) per night to enjoy all it has to offer. The Blu Bar on the 23rd floor is known as the gem in the sky. It was voted Milwaukee’s most romantic bar in 2007 and lives up to the hype. The smooth jazz and swanky club feel create a warm ambiance. For the price of a drink you and your date can relax and enjoy the best panoramic view of the city and Lake Michigan. Who knows maybe you can talk your date into wearing fishnets…....

Next week – On to Notre Dame

Until then – I’m looking for fun and food in your city………………………….

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Look Photography said...

I'm not sure if I can get Tom to wear fishnets but we will stop by for some jazz next time we are in town.

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