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17 May 2009

Summer Break - Enjoy and Be Creative!

School will winding down soon for most High School and College students. A well deserved break from deadlines, tests and projects. Looking forward to sunny days, swimming, travel and sleeping in....... or looking for a job.

In this economy it can prove to be very frustrating to find a simple fast food job. This is where creativity and using your resources will pay off.

1. Utilize contacts and network to see if anyone is aware of companies hiring for the summer.

2. Be creative - put together a mini portfolio and show the benefits of hiring you - STAND OUT

3. Don't be passive - if possible drop resume off in person - see if you can get foot in the door.

4. Follow up - with call, email or note. True interest will get the employer's attention.

If all else fails...... Create your own job. There are a zillion people who need help.

Make a general flyer with your skills and pass out in your neighborhood, leave at local stores and post on Craig's list, put ad in local paper etc.

1. Landscaping

2. Walk dogs or check on pets while people travel

3. Elder care - shop, take to Dr., small tasks around their home

4. Computer skills - utilize them

5. Power wash desks, siding or paint

6. Clean houses

7. Nanny - summer is tough for many parents who work..

9. Garage sell - have a cooler of COLD water and Soda for sell

8. Any skill you have that could make life easier for someone - is marketable!

Stay tuned....

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