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14 May 2009

Great New Book! Quick Cash for Teens

Quick Cash for Teens by Peter Bielagus is a new release book on entrepreneurship. It is not only for teens, it is for anyone who wants to start a business. He gives great no nonsense advise to avoid being a statistic of business's that fail in the first two years.

Entrance into the world of entrepreneurship
Type of business you should start
Turning what sucks into bucks - (hint - this is what Aaron Patzer of did)
Name game
Ropin'Em In - Finding customers
Show me the money
Meet the Trio - income, cash flow and Balance sheet
Make a statement
Account for your accounting
What is the Plan Man
Setting up shop

There is nothing like being your own boss - when your business is successful. Grab a copy of Peter's book and get started on your way to FREEDOM!

Stay tuned....

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