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12 May 2009

Tuesday's Tips

Hey future millionaires! This is Stefan and I wanted to inform everyone that I am going to be posting weekly tips on saving and cost-cutting. This new segment will be called "Tuesday's Tips" and I will post every Tuesday rain or shine! This past week I celebrated my 23rd birthday so I am going to share some tips on birthday savings.

1) Take total advantage of free EVERYTHING on your birthday. This includes more than just a free scoop of ice cream at Graeter's. My boss informed me that most Home Depot's have an outdoor car wash on the side of or in the back of their buildings. If you call ahead you can see if they offer car washes, and if they do most will wash your car for free on your birthday. Don't be afraid to call any and every local restaurant and ask if they do anything special for birthdays. Don't be afraid to ask if you have to purchase anything to get the free or discounted item. And don't feel embarrassed about asking. Many people just assume you need to purchase entree's or feel bad about asking for their free dessert or appetizer, but these restaurant’s make exceptional amounts of money, and one ice cream sundae isn't going to put them out of business.

Also, if you do decide to call places and make plans for your free items make sure to HAVE FUN WITH IT!!! Take the day off work and invite a friend or family member to come with you and make a day of it. What could be more fun than driving around with a close friend getting free food all day?

2) Get the free offers sent to you! This goes along with taking advantage of free stuff, but involves spending as well. Lots of places will send e-mails to people with advertisements and coupons for their upcoming specials and deals. Most people don't want to get those because it's like spam in your e-mail inbox all day, and it's a hassle to go through. Well thanks to the magic of Yahoo and G-Mail there is no longer a reason to worry about e-mails clogging your inbox. Simply open a new e-mail account and use it specifically for those types of e-mails. It can be as simple as (that's my first name & date of birth @ That e-mail doesn't exist (yet...) but it's a good example. Whenever you want to know about deals or specials for a restaurant or store you visit simply give that e-mail address when filling out the sign-up card. You won't have to worry about e-mails clogging your inbox, but you still get all the deals and coupons.

I know this week wasn't all about saving, but it is my exception because I did these things for my birthday this year and I plan to do them again for my birthday next year.

Please comment and offer others your birthday tips. There's nothing better than sharing great ideas with others, and that's what Tuesday's Tips are all about.

I'm on a 168 hour break, so until then Stay Tuned...

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