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31 January 2009

Cable's Best Kept Secret

Television has become a major expense in most homes - if you are trying to cut expenses and still not give up some of the benefits of cable -- did you know that they have a level of service that they do not advertise???

The cable companies will tell you that the standard package is the lowest package and normally runs about $40.00 a month. Well, I am here to tell you their secret.....

They have a package that is about $11.00 a month. It is called (in my area) Basic cable. I get 24 channels and great reception. When you call to ask about this - the person may tell you it doesn't exist - press and ask for a supervisor because i am here to tell you - I have it and it does.

I go to the library to get the shows I do not have access to for free. I have also found that I watch less TV and have been reading, exercising and spending more time with my parents - to me a big WIN.

Hopefully, you have been tracking your expenses and see where the leaks are and started to change your spending habits. In the next few days I will post about the next steps for being financially successful.

Stay tuned.........

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