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24 January 2009

Your Generation is Amazing

You are so fortunate - you are young, have the knowledge of how to save effectively, watched the entire world do it wrong and see the result of poor planning and greed. My question is have you taken any steps to change your habits and take and keep control of your life?

Your generation is remarkable - making rapid changes in the way we live our lives - not waiting for corporate America to fix our problems but one or two people at a time changing the way we use the Internet, view and experience the world! You rallied together to be the most involved generation in a presidential election to make sure your voice was heard.

The baby boomers thought they had to have it all - as a product of that environment - let me tell you it is not all it is cracked up to be! Work hard and harder to pay for all the stuff - stuff that doesn't matter - we created the term quality time with our kids to make us feel better about not putting them first. I am not opposed to hard work but we lost touch with balance.

I am calling you all together to be the generation that changes the way we handle money! Live your life within your means, save for your future and not be stressed out all the time. I sincerely believe you can be the generation that turns the world around because you have wisdom beyond your years!

Another good book on the topic is
"You're broke because you want to be" by Larry Winget. Very easy read, funny but direct!

Stay tuned......

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