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03 February 2009

Simple Pleasures

Oprah's show today highlighted a family that lives below their means, saves money while raising 4 kids on one income of $58,000 a year. What Americans are finding is that they are not giving up quality of life by making smarter financial decisions. In fact, most say it increases.

The slower pace,
planning meals and shopping together has actually improved some relationships, spending time with kids throwing a football, going to the beach, playing games or going to the library to pick out a DVD is changing the American mindset of having to go out and spend money to have fun.

It is funny because growing up in the 60's and 70's - this is what we did. My siblings and I played hours of games, from jacks on the laundry room floor, Trouble, Parcheesi and Monopoly when the weather was bad to running bases, tag, hopscotch, jump rope, basketball and riding our bikes while the sun was shining. We didn't spend money to have fun.

We lived near Lake Erie and my mom would pack us up and take us to the lake all summer long, she brought a picnic, sun screen and towels and we were happy all day long making sand castles and swimming. To add variety she would take us to the parks in the area to either play on the swing sets or ice skate in the winter.

These activities are fun at all ages - it just takes a little creativity to look for things you like to do in your area.

What it comes down to is living under your means while saving for your future. Living life simply can be the greatest gift you give yourself.

Stay tuned.......

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