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07 January 2009

How are you doing?

We are 7 days into the New Year - 1 week past. 51 to go. How did you do in the first 7 days of the year? Have you been writing down every purchase - are you on a cash system - are you making little changes everyday that will turn into a big payoff down the road?

If you have had a rough start - start today it is never to late. I personally did - So I am starting over today - I encourage all of you to not get discouraged or beat yourself up. Look forward - only positive thoughts and actions.

For those of you who are on track - Congrats! Keep up the good work. The payoff is well worth the little changes now. Keep thinking - are you using coupons, look for free offers in the Sunday paper. It starts to be exciting and a challenge to find ways to still get what you want for less or free.

I received an email from someone who inspired me - He and his girlfriend decided for Xmas instead of a gift - they would have to plan a date. It had to be a good part of the day and could not cost more than $25.00. He was first to plan - He had a coupon for a buy one get one free entree from a restaurant, they went for lunch (less expensive than dinner) and still could afford a glass of wine each, he then found an art exhibit that is normally $8.00 a person for free on Sundays, so they went to the Andy Warhol Exhibit, after that they walked around the college campus they meet on and went for a bubble tea to end the date. Total Cost $25.20. Spent 6 hours with his girlfriend and had one of the best days together.

I encourage you to write down everything for 30 days - so where the leaks in your wallet are - i guarantee you the little amounts you spend everyday - do not change the quality of your life but by saving those it will change your future.

Stay tuned.......

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